Best Newspapers For Stock Market: Big mergers, bankruptcies, and empires climbing and falling. From the time of print media’s global presence after the invention of the printing press, newspapers have covered every global event and connected us in a way that was otherwise impossible. Now, because of the internet era, newspapers have slowly become a thing of the past. 

While the platform for content has changed, the top leaders in business news and stock market information have remained the same. We’re going to list the best newspapers for stock market in India.

Importance Of News In The Stock Market

Markets are volatile and big news plays a crucial part in moving the stock market. A recent example of this is SML Isuzu. The automobile company more than doubled its passenger vehicle sales in December 2022.

Once the news of their record sales broke out, the stock hit the upper circuit, climbing 20% in a single day! Alternatively, it also works against investors when bad news breaks out.

This includes poor quarterly earnings, rising debt, defaulting on loans, etc. When bad news about a listed company breaks out, it sends the company’s stock price into freefall. 

Now, imagine you are an investor in both of those scenarios. Without the news, you would not have been aware of the movement in your portfolio, unless you actively tracked it every single day.

This would have effectively prevented you from making quick gains or cutting your losses on time. 

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Best Newspapers For Stock Market

Here is the list of Best Newspapers For Stock Market, Keep reading to find out more!

1. The Economic Times

Part of the Bennett, Coleman & Co group, The Economic Times started in 1961. They have been covering financial content for decades and are one of the largest financial publications in the world.

While it started off as a newspaper, they also have a huge online presence when it comes to stock market news. 

For market enthusiasts, the website has a separate Economics Time Market section for all content relevant to the stock market and financial news.

2. Moneycontrol

This platform didn’t start like our traditional news agencies. Moneycontrol is not exactly a newspaper, but we cannot skip mentioning them on our list of best newspapers for stock market.

This is because they are one of the top-ranking market news platforms, integrated with its own stock screener. 

Not only can you study a company’s fundamentals, but you can also see bulk deals, broker recommendations, and relevant news about the company and its competitors.

The platform has a notable online presence and they even have its own application. Moneycontrol is a subsidiary of the Reliance Group of companies.

Its parent company, E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com Ltd. is owned by TV18, a Reliance Industries subsidiary.

3. Live Mint

Owned by the HT Media group, Live Mint is a subsidiary of The Hindustan Times brand. The e-newspaper platform was founded in 2007, with a target audience of business and market enthusiasts.

They cover everything from stocks, mutual funds, IPOs, and international business news. An added advantage is that Premium users get access to The Wall Street Journal, covering international events and global business news as well. 

4. Business Standard

Founded in 1975, Business Standard is a daily newspaper that has 15 million unique visitors on average on a monthly basis.

The media publisher started off as a newspaper like every other news agency and has since transitioned to publishing e-papers that can be read online as well. 

Business standard covers almost everything that matters in the business world, from the stock markets to sports and technology. Over time, it has gained a reputation of being one of the top business newspapers in the country. 

5. The Financial Express

Part of the Indian Express Group, The Financial Express covers all news related to business, stock markets, and the financial world. The Express Group has a presence of over 75 years in journalism and publications. 

The Financial Express doesn’t limit itself to business and market news. They cover almost everything from automobiles and education to lifestyle, health, and blockchain.

Similar to other publications, they began as a physical newspaper publishing company and shifted to an online e-paper.

6. BQ Prime

Raghav Bhal, the founder of Network 18, founded BQ Prime. After exiting Network 18, he started a joint venture with Bloomberg in 2014.

Bloomberg is a global business media firm, having decades of experience in the industry of business journalism. Through a joint venture with Quintillion Media, BQ Prime was created.

Previously the joint venture was called Bloomberg Quint. The site takes the best of international business journalism and expertise in the Indian economy. 

7. The Hindustan Times

Owned by HT Media, The Hindustan Times is a 99-year-old English daily newspaper. The media house was founded in 1924 by Sunder Singh Lyallpuri, an important member of the Indian Independence Movement. 

The Hindustan Times is one of the oldest as well as largest Indian newspapers in circulation today. Besides newspapers, readers can access instant stock market news through their e-newspapers and The Hindustan Times website.

HT Media is also the owner of Live Mint, another e-newspaper mentioned in this article, and Radio 104.0 FM. 

8. The Hindu Business Line

The Hindu Business Line is a newspaper that was started in 1994 in Chennai, India. It is part of the much larger and renowned newspaper, The Hindu.

While The Hindu Group is 143 years old, its Business Line publication is relatively new and young.  

Its first publication came out on January 28th, 1994, almost 29 years ago. The Hindu Business Line is circulated in 16 cities, including Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

Like most of the best newspapers for stock market in this list, the publication also has its own e-newspapers and smartphone applications. 

Business Line covers the in and outs of business news, including a unique Sunday edition called Portfolio, giving their readers personal finance advice and tips. 

Bonus Mentions

9. Trade Brains News

Every day in the markets, some stocks hit the upper circuit or become multi-baggers. But how do you keep yourself updated with this news?

Trade Brains is a stock market startup that covers the latest news about IPOs, multi-baggers, quarterly reports, and other corporate actions.

The news updates are quick, precise and to the point, exactly what’s required from reading stock market news daily.

10. Google Finance

Even before you get the chance to browse any of the newspapers and media sites mentioned above, Google is your entry point.

Google Finance was launched in 2006, to bring business news and headlines by companies to the front pages of the internet. 

It has also integrated the price movements of listed stocks across major international markets. This includes USA, India, Japan, and every important stock market in the world. 

While Google Finance is not strictly a newspaper, it deserves a notable mention in our list of Best Newspapers For Stock Market.

11. NDTV Profit

NDTV has been in the news recently for its acquisition by Billionaire Gautam Adani. The news outlet was founded by Radhika & Prannay Roy in 1988.

The news agency has a lot of ‘firsts’ to its name, including India’s first 24-hour news channel – Star News. The most media platform has shifted towards having an online presence. 

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In Closing

With the bonus mentions, we conclude our article on the best newspapers for stock market in India! News is important and it keeps us updated on important events.

It’s even more crucial when you’re an investor, and you need to keep yourself updated on your companies. With increased financial literacy, more people are entering the market every day.

Which of these newspapers do you read? Let us know below. Till next time, Happy Investing!

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