The Average Wedding Cost in India: Although weddings are supposed to be a gift from God, they take place here on Earth and need a large investment of time and money to make them magical.

Your wedding day is meant to be a special occasion for you and the relatives who attend. As such, a grandiose and extravagant wedding may become necessary.

The Indian wedding market is worth more than Rs. 1,00,000 crores, growing at 25–30 percent per year. An Indian wedding might cost between 20 lakhs and 5 crores, depending on the size of the family.

According to estimates, one-fifth of a person’s lifetime earnings in India is spent on their wedding. If you want your wedding to be one to remember, you’ll need a well-rounded group of professionals, including anything from wedding planners to florists to caterers.

Since individuals in India come from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds, the wedding ceremony in India is handled by various distinct communities, each with its own set of resources and customs. As a result, we may split the wedding into three categories:

1. Budget Wedding

2. Middle-class wedding

3. Big Fat Indian Wedding

The Average Wedding Cost in India

We’ve compiled a summary of the most important elements that go into determining the average wedding cost in India:

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #1 – Venue

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #1 - Venue

The location of the wedding must be finalized as a first step. Whether it’s far away or close to home, the location of your wedding has a significant role in the overall cost. The location usually takes up a considerable percentage of your budget, especially if you desire a luxurious venue for the event.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, your costs will depend on where you choose to be married. Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Jaipur, Goa, and Kerala are the most popular Indian wedding locations.

Portugal, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Las Vegas are some of the top overseas sites for destination weddings. The expense of a destination wedding in India or abroad requires a lot of careful planning.

Prices tend to rise, especially during the busiest time of year for weddings, when demand for venues is at its highest. The typical cost of a hotel ballroom is roughly Rs. 1 lakh per day, but resorts and exceptional locations might easily charge several lakhs per day. You can always consider your options before making a final decision on a venue.

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #2 – Decor

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #2 - Decor

The decoration is one of the most important venue elements intended for a wedding ceremony. In addition to flowers and conventional decoration, sculptures and reproductions are also used to make an attractive décor. Graceful lighting creates an attractive wedding.

You may expect to pay anything from Rs. 30,000 to 2 lakhs to have the hall decorated according to your tastes by professional venue decorators. The more extravagant the decor, the more it will cost you, so prepare your budget based on your plans.

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #3 – Food

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #3 - Food

Catering is one of the most significant parts of a wedding. For many of the attendees, it is the most cherished memory of the wedding. Plates from an established caterer might cost anywhere from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2500 per serving.

You wouldn’t want to have guests at your wedding and not feed them for the day. Most of them are there to enjoy the food and drinks as much as the wedding itself. If your venues allow it, hiring cooks rather than a caterer is an excellent alternative for everyone.

In such a case, narrowing down your options for foods and cuisines might be beneficial. You should be concerned about the caterer’s large selection of foods and possible pairings. International food might cost anything from Rs. 500-1000 to Rs. 1700-2000 per dish.

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Average Wedding Cost in India Element #4 – Dress

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #4 - Dress

It is only appropriate that you are dressed up to the nines on the most memorable day of your life. Some wedding attire may cost up to Rs. 50,000 for the bride, while the groom’s designer sherwani or suit can cost as little as Rs. 30,000. 

Regardless of how you feel about or how much you like wearing jewelry, you will be required to do so during the wedding. Investing in precious metals like gold, silver, and gemstones is not terrible.

On top of that, who wouldn’t want to look their best on that one day when everyone is looking at them? Since your wedding guests will be focused on you, you’ll want to appear as lovely as possible.

Because of this, you’ll need a hair and makeup artist who can enhance your characteristics and make you seem like the person you’ve always wished you could be. Once you’ve taken care of the financial aspects of the wedding, you’ll need to shine.

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #5 – Ceremonies

Average Wedding Cost in India Element #5 - Ceremonies

It’s common for an Indian wedding to last three days, with various rites and rituals taking place. The dress, set-up, and materials are all unique to each event. The different ceremonies within the wedding can shoot up any wedding cost in India.

A single wedding ceremony price might range from Rs. 6 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. Increasing the number of ceremonies may be an option for couples who want to bring their families together more often before they are married.

Some Other Costs That Should Be Considered

  • Invitation card: As a rule, an invitation card needs to be produced and sent out to visitors in India. You’ll have to budget for this if you plan on printing more than 1,000 invites.
  • Gifts for guests: You’ll also have to spend a lot of money on return presents, whether clothing or chocolates. In other circumstances, the cost of having so many relatives will be the biggest.
  • Music/DJ: A wedding isn’t complete if there isn’t some music to get your feet moving. And finding the right band to perform at your wedding, or DJ, or musician, is critical in today’s world. You have to book the musicians at least a year in advance to ensure that they will be there when you need them.
  • Presenter or Emcee: If your wedding reception is too large for you to manage on your own, you will need a wedding coordinator to take charge of the whole event. If you can afford it, you can get it done by a professional.
  • Honeymoon: It’s also been customary for newlyweds to go on a romantic getaway following their nuptials, which they refer to as a honeymoon. When planning a trip, keep your budget when making your selections.

Is Indian Wedding Expensive?

An Indian wedding is estimated to cost anywhere between a few lakhs to 4-5 crores, depending on the size and grandeur of the wedding. A wedding is an expensive event, where people end up spending one-fifth of their wealth on their special day.

In Closing

Every person eagerly anticipates their wedding day. To remain on track, you need to create a budget for each item and adhere to it. You may save a lot of money and make your ideal wedding come true if you keep everything well planned.

In this manner, you can enjoy your day to the fullest without worrying about your finances. We hope this article has given you an idea of the average wedding cost in India and that you can now make an informed decision regarding your wedding plans.

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