List of Best Paper Trading Websites in India: It is possible to learn the art of stock trading without risking real money by practicing paper trading. Using stock market simulators, people who yield the best stock market returns are considered winners.

Of course, nobody has lost anything because the money used is fictitious. Despite this, paper trading is the ideal option for novice investors because it offers them a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Best Paper Trading Websites in India

The stock market simulator is a great way for new investors to understand how it works before investing their own money. Due to technological advancements, paper trading has become more accessible and more popular. Because of the advent of market simulators, investors no longer need to put their own money at risk to test their investment strategies in real-time.

List of Best Paper Trading Websites in India

Now let’s look at the best websites to learn about paper trading in India.

Best Paper Trading Websites in India #1 – Dalal Street

Dalal Street | Best Paper Trading Websites in India

When it comes to websites in India where you can learn paper trading, Dalal Street is among the finest. It is a website that focuses on investments and will provide you with Rs. 10 lakhs in virtual money as soon as you sign up for an account and register with the publication. The fact that this website allows all of its users to engage in actual stock trading is, without a doubt, the feature that makes it the finest of its kind.

This website also gives you the ability to evaluate your tactics, which assists further in refining your talents by allowing you to gain other people’s experience. This is undoubtedly one of the best places to learn paper trading in India.

Visit this website.

Best Paper Trading Websites in India #2 – TrakInvest

TrakInvest | Best Paper Trading Websites in India

TrakInvest is a well-known website to learn paper trading in India with programs that assist you in honing your stock market investing skills and methods. This global trading platform provides data from several stock markets chosen by the platform.

Additionally, this platform has a tracking feature that enables all users to keep tabs on each other’s activity. You can use the ‘Copy Trades’ option if you want to copy their trades. Using TrakInvest is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design.

It’s a great way to sharpen your market abilities because it includes a variety of learning resources, including how-to guides and videos, competitions for prizes, and industry-specific certifications.

Visit the website.

Best Paper Trading Websites in India #3 – Trading View

Trading View

As a paper trading simulator, Trading View is independent of any brokerage. This simulator includes a pro edition for those who wish to learn more about the stock market. However, you can access all charts with the free plan.

Once you’ve signed up and completed the account setup process, you’ll receive Rs. 1 lakh in virtual cash that you may use to purchase a variety of securities, including stocks, dividends, FDs, bonds, and others.

Visit the website.

In addition to these Indian paper trading websites, there is a website where you may learn everything about the stock market if you have no idea what you’re doing yet when trading. As a rookie trader, you must first learn the fundamentals of the stock market before you can even begin to speculate. Fingrad is an excellent resource for anyone interested in learning about the stock market and trading, and this is one of the best resources available in terms of stock market education. Click here to get started.

Best Paper Trading Websites in India #4 – Money Pot

Money Pot

One of Moneypot’s primary goals is to unite the internet investment community via social media. You get Rs. 20 lakhs to invest with after signing up on the platform, and the sum is sufficient to develop a comprehensive understanding of trading stocks.

Those just starting in the financial markets should consider using it. The top traders on this exchange are given a bonus. One of Moneypot’s main flaws is the lack of a stop-loss feature. This website is also a great place to learn about paper trading in India.

 Visit the website.

Best Paper Trading Websites in India #5 – Market Watch

Market Watch

The Market Watch website teaches the fundamentals of stock market technical analysis. You’ll see the difference when you put these lessons into practice on the stock market. This is the best place to start if you’re a novice or an experienced trader looking to review your portfolio and see how far you’ve come in stock market trading.

You can participate in strategic discussions with other members of the group. In addition, complex options like limit and stop-loss orders can be found here. The users can also play specific games if they so wish. Users will have an easier transition to the actual stock market after utilizing this website because it provides excellent practical exposure.

Remember that Fingrad offers free courses and webinars for beginners without prior knowledge of the stock market. All of the stock market and trading principles can be learned on this website. Visit the website now!

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In Closing

The platforms mentioned above can be extremely useful if you want to increase your knowledge through lessons, develop your skills and judgment call in the stock market sector, and discover new stock marketing techniques. And once you have understood the technical components of the stock market, you can engage in profitable trading.

Now that there are numerous platforms available to learn paper trading in India, you can begin learning about stock trading and gaining real-world experience with stock exchanges.

Lastly, one thing that makes paper trading extremely useful is that you won’t have to lose real money. Ultimately, there are no emotions involved. This gives you the confidence to master your trading skills and techniques to trade with real money eventually.

Your basics have already been covered; all that is needed now is to make money for yourself. However, this is not to say that as a master, you won’t make losses, but at least you know what you are doing because of the immense knowledge you have already gathered while paper trading. 

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