Best Price Action Trading Courses: If you want to become a professional trader and you are learning technical analysis, then you must have heard about the term Price action trading. But if you want to learn what price action trading is and how it helps make money through short-term trading then this blog is for you.

Herein, we are going to learn about what price action trading is, what are tools used to study price action trading, and discuss certain best price action trading courses that would help you in learning price action trading in the right way.

What is Price Action Trading?

Price action trading is the art of trading solely based on the price movements of the stock during specific time frames. Here only price movements in the stock are considered to decide the entry and exit levels of trade. In brief price action trading,  analyses past data to predict the potential price movements of the stock.

As Price action trading completely relies on only price movements of the stock, it uses certain tools to study the price movements in the stock.

Tools Used To Study Price Action Trading

  1. Breakouts:

When the stock price moves beyond a specific price band in which it has been trading for a certain period in the past, then it is referred to as a breakout in stock prices. Sometimes, breakouts in stock prices may result in trend reversals such as a change from a bullish trend to a bearish trend and vice versa.

For example: if a stock price has been trading in a range between 1200 to 1300 for a week, and suddenly, the price soars up to 1500 due to any news related to it, then it is a breakout for that stock.

 2. Trend Trading:

Trends form the major part of price action trading because it is the most simple strategy that every beginner can start with. Most of the time, we see 3 types of trends in the market, that is a bullish trend( where all prices are rising), a bearish trend( where all prices are falling), and a sideways trend ( where prices remain constant). The traders take long (buy) or short(sell)  positions based on the current trend prevailing in the market.

3. Support and Resistance Levels:

Support and resistance levels are the key metrics to know the market sentiments and help in the prediction of future market trends.

The lowest level at which the stock price falls and takes support is the support level of the stock, which is typically less than the current price of the stock. Once the support level is reached it is more likely that prices may bounce back and trends get reversed.

The highest level at which the stock prices rise at peak and resist further rise in price is the resistance level of the stock, which is typically more than the current price of the stock.

Once the resistance level is reached it is more likely that prices may start falling and trends get reversed.

These were some of the basic price action trading strategies which a beginner can start with, along with this even candlesticks are dominantly used in price action trading.

But if one wants to master price action trading, then there are more price action strategies like head and shoulder reversal trade patterns, Pin bar, inside a bar, trend following retracement entry, the sequence of highs and lows, and many more strategies that should be learned. By learning all these strategies in the right way one can master price action trading.

To make this task of learning price action trading hassle-free, here we have discussed certain price action trading courses that would help a beginner to learn the concepts easily. Let us check them one by one.


1. Udemy:

Price Action Trading Courses: Udemy Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG, brand

Udemy, being one of the leading online sources to learn, offers courses for different types of skills including data analytics, Financial management, Stock market analysis, web development and many more has about 52 million users. Regarding the Price Action Trading topic, Udemy has offered both free courses as well as paid courses at very affordable prices.


Master Price Action! Complete Day Trading Strategy From A-Z ( FREE COURSE) By Udemy

Course Fee: Free

Course Review: 4.5/5 (514 Reviews)

This course gives you a straightforward price action strategy and a solid set of rules for managing risk like a professional. It covers topics like Introduction to Price Action Trading, Multi-timeframe analysis, and Proper identification and marking key Support and Resistance levels.

Price Action Trading Master Class (PAID COURSE) By Udemy

This course gives you a deep understanding of Price action trading and teaches in detail about various strategies like pin bar, inside bar, trend trading, etc…

Course Fee: INR 399/-

Course Review: 4.5/5 (687 Reviews)

2. FinGrad:


FinGrad Logo Image

FinGrad is one of the most happening finance educational websites that helps passionate stock market learners to master the financial and stock market contents more easily through their free courses on the stock market, and blogs on many topics covering trading jargon.

FinGrad is a one-stop learning solution for all financial education. It offers +65 courses & Webinars on stock market investing, trading, taxation & personal finance from +35 Instructors, and in multiple languages on its learning platform. 

Technical Analysis for Beginners by Trade Brain

In this course you will learn about the basics of technical analysis, then you will learn the concept of price action and how to take trades using price action and different trading tools like support, resistance, and volume.

All Course Fees: 2,999 For 3 Months

Course Review: 4.6/5(27 Reviews)

3. Stock Pathshala:


Stock Pathshala | Learn Stock Market Courses For Free

Stock Pathshala is a startup pioneering in the field of financial education. With the will to teach people, it has offered 70 courses & about 100 podcasts and has about 40k users for its app on the play store. It serves the purpose of educating people about the stock market.

Stock Pathshala price action courses

It has about 2 Free Courses related to price action trading which explain all the concepts in detail from scratch. You can check about the course on their app Stock Pathshala.

Course Fee: NA

Course Review: NA

4. Elearnmarkets:

Price Action Trading Courses: Elearnmarkets Logo

Elearnmarkets is an online portal which is created to spread financial market knowledge amongst students, investors, and traders who are interested in the stock market. The Elearnmarkets platform has crossed a  million user base across its platform and has more than 2 million downloads with 30,000 reviews across the Google Play Store

A pullback trading system helps you avoid false signals by confirming market direction before entering a trade. It’s a simple trend-following strategy that’s great for new traders. This webinar will cover price action and pullback concepts and teach a complete pullback trading system. There are many ways to profit from trading pullbacks.

Course fee: INR 590/-

Course Review: 4/5 (50 Reviews)

5. Learn App:

Price Action Trading Courses: learn app logo


It is an online stock market coaching app that offers so many courses related to the stock market. Through its simple teaching skills, it has gained over 250K users. It offers a course on RSI and price action trading which is good for beginners.

price action trading by Learn App

All Course Fees: 4,999/ 3 Month

Course Review: 4.2/5

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Closing Thoughts

In this blog on price action trading courses, we have covered the topics of what price action trading is, the tools used to study price action trading, and certain price action trading courses that would help you to learn the topic in the right way. That’s all for this blog. Happy learning!

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