Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India: Before the internet era, studying a company meant going through pages and pages of company reports and balance sheets, meeting a broker, and placing an order for buying a stake, which would take weeks to be credited to your name.

And the concept of Demat accounts was non-existent, which meant you would have to hold onto physical share certificates. Today, we have none of those traditional setbacks. 

Anyone can study about any company, from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and access to the websites mentioned below. And the best part – All of them are free.

This blog, titled “Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India”, will list out some of the best websites you can use to pick and study companies’ financial performance and more, so read ahead to find out!

What Is Fundamental Analysis?

Stock picking is a skill that can be very useful if you’re interested in taking up investing in your own hands. To do that, you need one key skill – Fundamental Analysis. The textbook definition of fundamental analysis is – 

The study of a company to determine its intrinsic share value, after examining certain economic and financial parameters.

In simple terms, fundamental analysis studies a company and determines its fair market value. This fair market value, when compared to its current market price, tells us if the company shares are currently overpriced or undervalued in the market. 

Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India

1. Trade Brains Portal

Trade Brains Portal | Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India

Trade Brains Portal is one of the few stock screening applications that has a clean and easy-to-use user interface (UI). You can either use the website or the mobile application, available on IoS as well as Android. 

Pick stocks from over 5000+ companies listed in the stock market and even follow your favourite ace investors through “Superstar Portfolios”.

Other features on the website are –

  1. Buckets – Here you can find ready-made buckets of stocks across several themes, and sectors.
  2. Portfolio Analysis – Here you can get visual reports of your portfolio similar to what million-dollar investment managers get!
  3. Stock Compare – This allows you to Compare stocks side to side.
  4. Screener – This allows you to filter out stocks according to your expectation or search. 
  5. Market News – This section helps you stay updated with the latest news in the business world
  6. Portfolio Backtesting

2. Screener

Screener | Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India

The screener is one of the few sites that allows you to add custom filters when picking companies. This allows you to build your own screens using your own filters. 

Other features include your own personalized Watchlist, which will notify you regarding any updates about your companies.

The screener is available both on mobile and desktop. Screener provides all the data you require from the company in a single webpage. What’s more, you can also visit the sources for their data directly from the site. 

3. Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape | Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India

Straight from the landing page, Ticker Tape captures your attention. The UI makes you want to spend time longer and their signature Market Mood Index is unique to their stock market screener. The index determines how the market is moving for the day. 

Additionally, you can also build connections with other users through their Social feature, which has a twitter-like user interface. Additionally, they also have a mutual fund screener, apart from their stock screener. 

4. Money Control

Long before all the other players joined the investing game, Moneycontrol was one the first fundamental analysis sites for Indian markets. 

The website is loaded with information about almost every company, news and articles, IPOs, mutual funds, charts, and technical analysis as well. Like the other sites on this list, they too have mobile applications on IoS and Android, besides their website.

5. Ticker by Finology

Ticker By Finology

Similar to other stock screeners on this list, Ticker by Finology offers a very simple user interface that is clean and crisp for users.

They have several features on their site which allows you to pick stocks and screen them for ratios, financial history, and year-on-year performance. 

Bonus Sites For Fundamental Analysis

The sites listed above are a handful of useful platforms you can use for fundamental analysis. Other than those, you can also visit the below-listed websites to get a much more detailed data source to study listed companies. 

  1. BSE India – The official website of the Bombay Stock Exchange
  2. NSE India – The official website of the National Stock Exchange

How To Do Fundamental Analysis Online?

Typically, Fundamental analysis is done using the Top-Down or macro-to-micro approach. The study goes in this order –

● First, we should look at the condition of the economy.

● Second, pick and study an industry that you believe will grow in the future.

● Finally, within the industry, study the listed companies’ financial performance.

These three steps should help you determine the fair value of the stock. The sites listed below, use publicly available

information and assist you, the investor, to pick stocks and study the financial performance of many listed companies.

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In Closing

Most of the websites listed above provide their features and tools for free. All it takes is creating an account with them and you’ll receive personalized updates regularly.

FinGrad arms you with the knowledge you require to unlock your full potential by using the markets to improve your wealth, as well as your knowledge about financial markets. 

Let us know if you found this blog on Best Site For Fundamental Analysis India useful in the comments below. Happy Investing!

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