Answering Can I Earn 1 Crore From Stock Market: Before you get excited about the title, you should know that this is not a “Get Rich Quick” scheme of investing. No such thing exists and if it does, then the best advice would be to run in the other direction.

The gradual growth of wealth can be compared to the planting of a sapling. It does not happen overnight and if wealth does change that rapidly, then it is not considered secure. Firstly, to answer the question – Can I Earn 1 Crore From Stock Market?

Yes, it is possible to earn 1 Crore in the stock market and potentially more. 

It depends on what timeframe you wish to earn that much money and how much you can risk, keeping your regular necessities and expenses aside. 

Let’s go right into the article and try to find a solution to the topic, “Can I Earn 1 Crore From Stock Market?” To learn more, keep reading!

Why Only 1 Crore In The Stock Market?

Everyone of us has a set goal which is the standard to define success and financial stability. Similar to how becoming a millionaire is the American dream, we have the benchmark of becoming a Crorepati as the definition of being successful and rich.

This dream of a middle-class Indian to become a crorepati is something that everyone aspires to become, yet few actually make it and even fewer know how to do it.

The 1 Crore goal is not only about money, but about the milestones that are achieved through the money made – The Dream Car, The Forever Home and of course, retirement. 

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How To Start Making Money In The Stock Market?

Starting your investing journey early is key to making you reach your financial goals quicker, without necessarily breaking the bank. 

Other investment opportunities like real estate and gold require you to have large amounts of capital at a time, which is not feasible. 

The question you should ask yourself is not “ Can I Earn 1 crore from stock market? “. It should be – How can I earn 1 Crore from stock market and what should I do to achieve it?

The power of compounding comes into play when you start early and stay consistent as well. When your goal is to earn 1 CR from the stock market, it requires discipline, consistency and sound financial planning and knowledge. Even if you begin 5 years late, then your investment needed per month goes up. 

One way to start is by investing through SIPs. Mutual funds and Index funds offer a diversified investment strategy that allows you to hold stakes in multiple companies at a fraction of the market price. 

Let’s understand this better through an example –

Assume you are investing 10,000 a month through an SIP, at a return of 12% per year. After a period of 22 years, you would have invested 26.4 lakhs and your overall return alone would be 1.03 crores. This is apart from your initial investment. 

Have your own SIP threshold? Customise your own SIP here.

Managing Your SIPs, ETFs and Mutual Funds

Invest in SIPs Cover

The Coffee Can investing method might have served our parents well when they were our age, but that method of investing is not recommended, especially when markets fluctuate with time.

SIPs don’t function on simply adding money every month into the market, hoping for returns. Your risk has to be distributed and holdings need to be diversified. This is why mutual funds are managed by fund managers, who shift the composition of the fund according to sound research. 

Is there any limit to earn from stock market?

Well, this is a commonly asked question among beginners in the stock market. The answer is ‘NO’, there is no cap on how much you can earn in the stock market. One can earn from thousands to crores depending on how they invest or trade in the market.

Withdrawing Your Returns

Similar to how you should invest consistently, month on month, there is also a method where you can withdraw your earnings regularly, instead of pulling out the entire sum in one go.

This is known as Systematic Withdrawal Plans (SWP), which you can follow to pull out your returns upon maturity in intervals.

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Key Takeaway

Staying consistent for decades is not an easy task. In fact, it is easier said than done and that is why there are fewer crorepatis than working-class people.

More than a disciplined income, one needs to have a straight-arrow mindset before making long-term investments. We hope you got the answer to the question – “Can I Earn 1 Crore from stock market?” Happy Investing!

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