Best Books On Fundamental Analysis – Top Reads For Beginners!

Best Books On Fundamental Analysis – Top Reads For Beginners!

Best Books On Fundamental Analysis: When starting out your investment journey, we all feel like we could use a mentor to guide us on the path to wealth and financial freedom. If you were one of the lucky few to be around investors such as Warren Buffett and Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, then their knowledge would have taken your portfolio to the moon.

On the other hand, if you had a bad mentor, he or she would have driven your portfolio to the ground or lower. Luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the best books on fundamental analysis to get you started on your investment journey! On another note, we have covered a YouTube video on the basics of Fundamental Analysis so take a look at that as well. –

Fundamental Analysis For Beginner Investors – Introduction

Looking at ace investors who have made billions from a handful of companies, it is evident that you only need to get it right a few times to get wealthy. But how do you pick the right company to invest in, especially when there are over 5000 companies to choose from today?

For long-term investors, fundamental analysis is the way to go. By definition, fundamental analysis is the detailed study of companies to determine the stock’s real value or “fair market value”. 

Today’s accessibility allows anyone to study a company from anywhere, as all the tools you will need are available for free online. Stock market screeners such as Trade Brains Portal give you access to thousands of stocks at your fingertips, allowing you to choose any number of stocks you like to invest, is based on individual preferences.

But – How do you know if a stock is considered “fundamentally strong”?

Best Books On Fundamental Analysis

We’ve compiled a list of the best books for fundamental analysis to get you started on your investing journey.

1. Fundamental Analysis for Dummies – Matt Krantz

Fundamental Analysis for Dummies - Matt Krantz | Best Books On Fundamental Analysis

The title of this book is quite a “hammer on nail” situation. 

Fundamental analysis for Dummies takes you through all the basics of studying a company and understanding terms such as fair value in a step-by-step guide. You’ll learn how to assess a company’s financial performance historically. This includes studying annual reports, quarterly reports, and earnings releases. 

Studying a company involves looking at a lot of statements released by the company and that requires some groundwork. This book will help you learn exactly how to go about doing that. 

2. Learn to Earn – Peter Lynch

Learn to Earn - Peter Lynch | Best Books On Fundamental Analysis

Peter Lynch is one the most well-known investors, who have authored the next book on our list of “best books for fundamental analysis”. Lynch began his career at Fidelity Investments, where he was given the head position of the Magellan Fund. He has co-authored three books with John Rothschild, including Learn to Earn. 

Investing isn’t a subject that was taught in schools for the longest time. This is why a majority of educated people lack basic financial knowledge as well as money management skills. This book hopes to change that. As the title suggests, you will “Learn to Earn”. You’ll not only learn how to invest but also adopt the investor mindset. 

3. The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor - Benjamin Graham | Best Books On Fundamental Analysis

Benjamin Graham is widely regarded as the “Father of Value Investing”. His books, which were written decades before investing was even recognized, still hold ground today. The concepts in his books are made to make you “The Intelligent Investor”.

This book explains “value investing”, a concept that was barely known in 1949, the year it was published. Even Warren Buffett described it as “by far the best book on investing ever written”. 

Fun Fact – 

A copy of The Intelligent Investor signed by Warren Buffett went on auction for $25,250! (₹20,60,753.46)

In this book, you’ll understand value investing, Mr. Market, a character that represents the stock market, margin of safety, and The Benjamin Graham Formula. 

4. Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits – Philip A. Fisher

Philip Fisher was the founder of Fisher & Company, an investment counselling firm. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits was published in 1958. The author was interested in investing in growth stocks – companies that had great potential in the long term. 

You must read this book to understand – Scuttlebutt Investing i.e., picking stocks that have already been thoroughly studied, “15 points to look for a common stock” and most importantly, “What To Buy”. 

Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits - Philip A. Fisher

5. Ratio Analysis Fundamentals – Axel Tracy

When you’re learning the fundamentals of a company, there will be a lot of new terms that you will come across, and some of them are shown in the form of ratios and formulas. There are indeed so many formulas and ratios that you need a separate book explaining them in detail. 

The numbers tell a story and if you’re good at reading them, then it’ll unfold all the more easily. 

Ratio Analysis Fundamentals tells you how to –

  • Read financial statements
  • Compare Profitability
  • Looking for financial data
  • And studying 17 financial ratios used in a business. 
Ratio Analysis Fundamentals

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In Closing

These are our recommendations for learning fundamental analysis of companies. If you feel like adding any more books to this list, then mention them in the comments below. Thank you for reading this blog on “Best books On Fundamental analysis”. Happy Investing!

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8 Best Books For Intraday Trading – Top Reads For Beginners!

8 Best Books For Intraday Trading – Top Reads For Beginners!

List of Best Books For Intraday Trading: Individuals who have never traded in the stock market may find the concept of intraday trading confusing. Even experienced traders confess to the fact that Intraday Trading is an art that takes time to learn and can never be mastered completely.

One can only get better and improve their understanding of the market with time. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t stop an individual from trying out intraday trading.

Rather than relying on one’s own strategies, beginners should try to gain more knowledge in trading and should focus more on learning the basic strategies. This is where a good book about trading will come in handy for beginners.

List of Best Books For Intraday Trading

In this article, we are going to cover the Best Books For Intraday Trading an individual should read to kick start their journey in the world of intraday trading.

1. A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online – Toni Turner

A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online

The author of the book is a  technical analyst as well as an educator and speaker in the financial arena. In this book, she deals with the differences between the short term and the long term which offers clarity to its readers. 

She has also covered concepts regarding technical analysis, managing risk, and other concepts that every beginner should be aware of.

For the benefit of learning, this book also has quizzes and checklists, which makes it of the best reads for the purpose of Intraday Trading, making it the top book on our list of the best books for intraday trading.

2. Trading in the Zone – Mark Douglas

Trading in the Zone

Apart from the technical aspects of the stock market, psychological factors play an important role when it comes to trading and Mark Douglas has wonderfully covered this aspect in this book.

It tools almost 7 years for the author to complete this book and it is considered the “Bible of trading psychology.” 

This book deals with the reasons why traders lack consistency and ways to overcome these deeply embedded psychological habits that cost them money. This book is designed to positively alter your behaviour and the way you look at important aspects for successful trading.

3. Way Of the Turtle – Turtle Curtis Faith

Way Of the Turtle

The author describes the reasons for the success of using a simple trading system used by the group known as the ‘Turtles’.

Turtle Curtis Faith describes the experiment of Richard Dennis and William Eckhardt who recruited 23 individuals from different disciplines and trained them to become successful traders in the span of just two weeks. Turtle Faith was one of the top-earning turtles in the group.

This is a great book for beginners who have very little experience in trading. This book will also guide you by describing the importance of following a trading plan with discipline.

4. Start Day Trading Now: A Quick And Easy Introduction To Making Money While Managing Your Risk – Micheal Sincere

Start Day Trading Now

The author has written this book for beginners and has broken down intraday trading in a detailed manner.

In this book, he has covered minute details like the type of system required to start your trading journey, important strategies employed while trading, technical jargon of day trading, and ways to manage risk.

This book also covers the ways one should control emotions and manage money to become a successful trader. In addition to this, the book covers interviews of professional day traders and that helps us to gain insights into the perspective of the trader.

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5. Stock Market Wizard – Jack D. Schwager

Stock Market Wizard

This author has based this book upon a series of interviews with various types of traders who have achieved huge financial success during the glory days of the internet boom. It is one of the best books on intraday trading.

This book covers various traits that separate the top traders from the rest. The interviews of successful money-makers  Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis, Paul Tudor Jones, Michel Steinhardt, Ed Seykota, and Marty Schwartz are included in this book.

This is an interview-style investment text that traders and professional financiers should read to gain insights into how the world of finance works.

6. Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns – Thomas Bulkowski

Encyclopedia Of Chart Patterns

As implied by the name of this book, the author has covered all the technical analysis chart patterns that every trader should know.

The book includes performance statistics for both bull and bear market patterns and a section devoted to ten event patterns. The author has also covered how to trade at significant events such as quarterly earnings, announcements, retail sales, stock upgrades, and downgrades.

This is a complete trading guide for chart patterns. The author has also provided relevant insight on using charts to improve your trading results.

7. Intraday Trading for Dummies – Ann C Logue

Intraday Trading for dummies | Best Books For Intraday Trading

Though not a trader herself, the author has covered concepts in her book which is ideal for understanding the basics of trading.

This book guides you on how day trading works, identifies its numerous pitfalls, and helps you get started with an action plan.

This book will equip you with the knowledge and self-assurance you’ll need to maintain composure, manage risk and make quick decisions when you buy and sell your positions.

8. Mastering the Trade – John Carter

Mastering the Trade | Best Books For Intraday Trading

Being a trader himself, the author has written this go-to guide for launching a lucrative career in trading.

In this book, the author provides proven setups for trading, with optimal markets and non-negotiable trading rules, Exact entry points, exit points, and stop loss levels for intraday and swing trading, a pre-market checklist for analyzing recent market behavior, effective risk control techniques, techniques to predict market corrections and many other concepts.

This book will help you in knowing what is working for you and what is working against you, which will guide you to make a career as a professional trader in the stock market, thereby placing it last on our list of the Best Books For Intraday Trading.

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In Closing

In the present day, Individuals can choose from a wide range of books and learn from the experiences of traders. Individuals who prefer listening over reading, even have access to audiobooks which they listen to while caught up with other tasks.

Before gaining practical experience in intraday trading, gaining theoretical knowledge is the crucial step in starting your journey in intraday trading. A good book can take you a long way in the journey of the stock market. 

This marks the conclusion of our article on the Best Books For Intraday Trading. Let us know about your favorite trading in the comment section down below. Also if you are looking for courses to learn about trading, you can avail of our courses on FinGrad for affordable prices.

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