Glance at Dolly Khanna Portfolio Analysis 2022: Around two years ago, Dolly Khanna’s net worth stood at Rs.18 cr. This is based on the public listed stocks she owned at the time. Today Dolly Khanna’s net worth has increased by 32 times to a whopping Rs. 580 crores! 

Dolly Khanna Portfolio, managed by her husband Rajeev Khanna, has a reputation for providing multi-bagger returns consistently. The investor couple began investing as early as 1995 and have been early investors in some multi-bagger companies in the past as well. She runs her blog as well – Dolly Khanna blog ‘Best Stock Picks from Dolly Khanna‘.

A unique feature about Dolly Khanna portfolio is that, unlike most investors, she has holdings in companies that are unheard of. So what is this Chennai-based investor holding today? Keep Reading to find out the latest additions, sales, and shareholding patterns of the ace investor.

Dolly Khanna Portfolio Analysis & Her Latest Holdings

Today we’re going to take an insightful look at the top 10 stocks in Dolly Khanna’s portfolio (March 2022). 


Source Trendlyne

StockHolding Value ( In Crores)No. Of Shares
Polyplex Corporation Ltd.96.6409,070
Sharda Cropchem Ltd871,243,710
Rain Industries55.53,430,925
Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd.53.8137,608
KCP Ltd.51.24,771,855
Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.45.3320,292
Nitin Spinners Ltd.23.4993,016
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd18.21,963,104
Rama Phosphates17.7452,987
Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd17.5381,973

1. Polyplex Corporation

Polyplex Corporation is the first stock on our list of Dolly Khanna Portfolio Analysis. Polyplex is a PET film manufacturer based out of the foothills of the Himalayas. They have 5 major plants in India, the USA, Turkey, Indonesia, and Thailand.  Dolly Khanna recently bought a 1% stake in the company as per shareholding data at the quarter end of June 2021. The shares of the company have since doubled in value to 2,300 rupees.

Recent data shows that she has increased her holding in the company to 1.3% or 409,070 shares. As per the current market price, her stake is valued at 96 crores, making it the most valuable part of Dolly Khanna portfolio.

2. Sharda Cropchem Ltd.

Sharda Cropchem is one of the most recent additions to Dolly Khanna’s portfolio. It is a chemical company that manufactures agrochemicals and industrial chemicals. Besides chemicals, they also sell conveyor belts used in mining factories and steel plants.

The stock price of the company has doubled in the past year from Rs. 355 to the current market price of 708 rupees per share. Her holding of 1.24 million shares is worth around 87 crores currently. The investor added this stock in the quarter ending March 2022 and owns a 1.4% stake in the company.  

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3. Rain Industries

Rain Industries Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of petroleum coke and coal tar in the world.  They have production facilities in India, Russia, Belgium, and the United States for their petroleum coke and coal tar.  Rain Cement, a wholly-owned subsidiary, operates in South India for cement production and distribution.  

Rain Industries represents one of the few companies where Dolly Khanna has reduced her stake. Previously she held a stake of 1.15% in December 2021. The latest data shows that she has sold about 33,000 shares or a 0.13% stake. The share price has been consistently dipping in the market over the past year, reaching almost its yearly low price. 

4. Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Ltd.

Based in Sandur Hills in Karnataka, the mining company dates its history as far back as 1907. Their business operations primarily focus on mining low-grade manganese ore. 

Sandur Manganese is one of the recent additions to Dolly Khanna’s portfolio, adding a 1.5% equity stake worth 54 crores. The share price of the Karnataka-based mining company has seen an upward trend over the past year. She owns 137,000 shares in the company as of the quarter ending March 2022. 

5. KCP Ltd.

KCP ltd is a heavy engineering and commodities company with a market capitalization of 1396 crores. They began operations as a sugar factory in 1941 and have diversified into cement, hospitality, power, and heavy engineering. 

From the quarter ending September 2020 to June 2021, Dolly Khanna’s holdings pattern shows a consistent buying pattern. She gradually increased her stake from 2.4% to 4.3%, almost doubling her stake in the engineering company.

Since then, analysis shows that she has been on a selling trend, reducing a 0.2% stake every quarter till March 2022. The share price has been on a downward slope, almost reaching its all-year low recently.

6. Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.

The butterfly is a kitchen appliance company based in Coimbatore. Dolly Khanna first bought a stake in the company in the quarter ending December 2020. Her first investment was a 1.5% stake in a steel appliance manufacturer. 

For the quarters ending June 2021 and September 2021, the ace investor regularly sold 20 basis points or 0.2 percent stake in the company, before increasing it to 1.8% as of March 2022. Total investment in the company is valued at around 45 crores, for 320,292 shares or a 1.8% equity stake.

7. Nitin Spinners Ltd.

Nitin Spinners is a cotton manufacturer that produces end-to-end products. They convert raw materials ( Cotton and Yarn) to finished fabrics. Dolly Khanna bought a stake in the company in the quarter ending June 2021. She bought a 1.2% stake in the company.

That has now increased to 1.8%, worth about 23 crores today. Every quarter of the past year, the shareholding pattern shows that the investor has been consistently buying shares in the yarn mill company. In total, she currently holds about 993, 016 shares. 

8. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.

Mangalore Chemicals is the largest fertilizer manufacturer in the state of Karnataka, India. Their corporate headquarters is located in Bangalore and the manufacturing plant is based out of Panambur, Mangalore.

The company consists of one of the more recent additions to Dolly Khanna’s portfolio. With a market capitalization of just above 1100 crores, it is one of the small-cap companies with potential. The ace investor owns a 1.7% stake worth 17.5 crores. This is an increase of 20 basis points from the previous quarter ending December 2021. 

9. Rama Phosphates

Another fertilizer manufacturing company in Dolly Khanna portfolio, Rama phosphates is a sulfate fertilizer company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The latest Trendline data shows that the ace investor initially bought a 1.8 % stake in the quarter ending June 2021.  Since then, she has been increasing her stake every consecutive quarter, bringing it to a total of 2.6% or 452,987 shares. 

10. Nahar Spinning Mills Ltd.

Nahar is one of the latest additions to Dolly Khanna’s portfolio. It is a yarn spinning company with a market capitalization of 1,579 crores.  Their products range from cardigans and pullovers to denim and shirts. For about 380,000 shares, she owns a 1.1% equity stake worth 16.9 crores, as of the quarter ending March 2022, Consequently, this concludes our discussion on Dolly Khanna Portfolio Analysis.

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In Closing

That’s all for the article on Dolly Khanna portfolio analysis. If you liked this article, then do check out our Blog Section for similar content and other SuperStar Portfolio analysis. 

This might be an excellent time for investors to enter the market. However, investors with little knowledge can take courses on FinGrad to make the right investment strategy. Happy Investing!

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