Stock Market Crash Courses – Explore India’s Best: Are you one among the beginners looking for the best way to make money in the stock market but having a time crunch?

Don’t worry we are here with a solution for you! Yes, you can learn about the stock market in a short period and it is possible through crash courses in an easy way. Crash courses are those courses that cover the basics in a shorter time frame.

India's Best Stock Market Crash Courses

In this blog on stock market crash courses, we shall see the importance of financial education concerning investing and a few good crash courses to make your learning simpler and faster.

Is It Necessary To Learn About The Stock Market? 

The answer to this question is yes if you want to trade in a professional way in the stock market and No, if you randomly choose a stock thinking the Stock market is like gambling.

In reality, trading in the stock market is certainly not gambling, instead, it is a calculated risk an investor takes to earn higher returns on investments after sufficient research and study about the stock markets.

But,  most of the time people who enter the market with the inspiration to become millennial investors end up incurring losses by investing in the wrong stocks randomly based on certain tips given by friends, families, and many more, improper knowledge, false suggestions, etc. This makes the laymen feel that investing in the stock market is not my cup of tea, which is wrong.

Across the world, we see many ace investors like Warren Buffet, have become millionaires through professional investment in the stock market. In India, we had Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who was called the “Warren Buffett of India”, and was himself a qualified Chartered Accountant, a trader, and a long-term investor.

People like them earn good returns on investments over a long period because of their professional knowledge, consistent research, and continuous practice in the domain.

Therefore, it is a wise decision to gain proper knowledge before entering the stock market to reduce the risk of losses and to earn rewarding returns on your investments from the stock market.

Now that we know the importance of learning about the stock market, it’s time to know about the best possible way to learn about the stock market. Amongst various courses that we find on the internet today, it is not easy to find accurate and genuine courses that help us to serve our purpose.

So, Here we are with the list of Handpicked best stock market crash courses to help you to learn about the stock market in detail in a short period.

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1. Fingrad:

Fingrad is one of the best finance educational websites that helps passionate stock market learners to master the art of stock market trading more easily through their free courses on stock market investment, and blogs on various topics covering trading jargon.

Fingrad is a one-stop learning solution for all financial education. It offers so many free and paid courses & Webinars on stock market investing, trading, taxation & personal finance from +35 Instructors, and in multiple languages on its learning platform. Most importantly, the courses are user-friendly because of their easily understandable teaching.

Free Stock Market Courses By FinGrad:

  1. Value Investing in India for Beginners:
Best Stock Market Crash Courses Value Investing in India for Beginners By FinGrad

Value Investing in India for Beginners By FinGrad

This course mainly focuses on teaching the art of value investing to beginners to build wealth over a long period. Assessment of the company’s financial health is taught here.

Ratings: 4.5

Price: FREE

  1. Candlestick Trading for Beginners:
Best Stock Market Crash Courses Candlestick Trading for Beginners by FinGrad

Candlestick Trading for Beginners by FinGrad

The short-time Candlestick trading course will give a complete picture of using candlesticks for trading. You  can also have an overall idea about technical analysis and its components

Ratings: 4.8

Price: FREE

Paid Stock Market Courses By FinGrad:

Stock Market Investing Masterclass: Learn to Invest in Stocks from Scratch

Stock Market Investing Masterclass: Learn to Invest in Stocks from Scratch By FinGrad

Stock Market Investing Masterclass By FinGrad

  • This course will introduce you to the exciting world of the stock market, taking you from the very beginning “What is a stock?” to teach you how to create your first stock portfolio successfully.
  • These lessons will help you clarify how to put it all together when it comes to investing in a real-time scenario.
  • The unique feature here is that you can make separate notes at the end of each lesson to help you in learning at your own pace.
  • A certificate is also issued on the completion of the course and assessment to help you make your resume more competitive.

Pricing: You can get unlimited access to all FinGrad Premium courses at a pocket-friendly budget of 2999/- for 3 months.

Rating: 4.9


2. Udemy

Udemy, being one of the leading online sources to learn, offers courses for different types of skills including accounting skills, data analytics, Financial management, Stock market analysis, web development and many more has about 52 million users.

Stock Market Crash Course: Learn How to Stock Trade in 1 Hour!

Best Stock Market Crash Course By Udemy: Learn How to Stock Trade in 1 Hour!

Best Stock Market Crash Course By Udemy


This crash course gives a brief overview of what the stock market is for a newbie investor.20+ topics including trading and investing fundamentals, chart patterns, etc. are covered in this course.

Price: INR 449/-

Ratings: 4.3

Suitability: Beginner level

3. National Institute of Financial Markets (NIFM)

Technical Analysis Crash course By (NIFM)

Technical Analysis Crash course By (NIFM)

NIFM is an educational initiative set up by NIFM Educational Institutions Ltd.” under section 1956 of the Indian Companies Act. It is a Private Vocational Training Institute with long-term and Short term Job Oriented skill development courses with offline and online classes.

Technical Analysis Crash course by NIFM is designed to give you a basic overview of each and every activity that is involved in the financial market along with a detailed guide to the technical analysis used in the stock market.

Pricing: INR 3500/-

Rating: 4.7

Suitability: Anyone interested in learning about Stock Market

4. Skillshare 

Skillshare is an online learning community where anyone can discover, take, or even teach a class. Anyone can join Skillshare to start watching online classes, create projects, and even become a teacher. It has over 12 million users.

Intraday Stock Trading Masterclass Technical Analysis: Beginner to Pro (Updated 2023)

Intraday Stock Trading Masterclass Technical Analysis By Skillshare

Intraday Stock Trading Masterclass By Skillshare

This is a crash course of the Intraday Stock Trading Masterclass covers in detail the concept of day trading, intraday strategies, and many more.

Price: FREE

Rating: 4.2

Suitability: Intermediate level

5. NSE Academy

NSE Academy Limited, a subsidiary of NSE Investments Limited (formerly known as NSE Strategic Investment Corporation Limited) was set up on March 12, 2016, to promote financial literacy as a necessary life skill and provide training and certifications in Banking, Insurance, and Financial Markets.

Foundation of Stock Market Investing:

Foundation of Stock Market Investing by NSC Academy

Foundation of Stock Market Investing by NSC Academy

It is a comprehensive stock market crash course offered by NSE. The course guides you in detail about all types of markets like equity, derivatives, commodities, etc, and helps to trade in real-time markets.

Price: INR 2999/- + GST

Rating: 4.5

Suitability: Beginner and intermediate level

Closing Thoughts

In this blog on Stock Market Crash Courses, we have discussed a few handpicked best stock market crash courses in detail. Hope it makes your learning much easier, Happy Learning!


1. How long does a stock market crash course usually last?

The duration of a stock market crash course typically ranges from a few days to several weeks, depending on the depth of content covered and the intensity of the program

2. What topics are typically covered in a stock market crash course?

Stock market crash courses provide participants with essential knowledge to navigate market downturns. They cover topics like market cycles, historical crash analysis, risk management, diversification, value identification, interpreting market indicators, and managing emotions for rational decision-making in volatile conditions.

3. Who can benefit from a stock market crash course?

A stock market crash course is beneficial for a wide range of individuals, including beginners who are new to investing, experienced investors looking to enhance their knowledge and skills, and even professionals seeking to specialize in finance or trading.

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