Jobs Related To Stock Market: Every time we hear of the “Stock Market”, we all see ₹ signs flash before our eyes. And it is rightfully so. The markets have created immense wealth for a lot of people – be it trading or investing.

But these often come with significant risks. Beyond becoming an investor and trader, there are other ways you can get yourself involved in the markets and we’re here to help you pick the right career path. 

There are a good number of jobs related to stock market besides becoming a trader. In this blog, we’ll go through each of them in brief and also mention the average salary. So read ahead to find out. 

Average Salary Source – Indeed 

List Of Jobs Related To Stock Market

Let’s go through the list of jobs related to stock market one by one. Keep reading!

1. Trader 

Average Base Salary – ₹2,82,428 p.a. 

Traders are people who buy and sell stocks in the stock market daily for profit. They do not hold onto their positions after the market closes. Trading requires a different type of skill set – Technical Analysis and an understanding of candlestick patterns. 

Traders benefit from short-term market movements. To become a trader, you need to have immense capital and a deep understanding of the markets.

This career choice has immense growth potential, with great financial rewards but also carries a lot of risks as well. To become a trader, you can join a brokerage firm, after completing certain certifications with SEBI and getting a license.

2. Financial Analyst 

National Average Salary – ₹4,25,941 p.a. 

A financial analyst is a professional who creates reports and forecasts on companies and industries. They study the financial data and provide their insights to companies, allowing them to make informed decisions. 

Financial analysts either work independently or for the company, providing key information. Analysts are usually employed by banks, financial institutions, and Asset management companies. 

3. Equity Research Analyst 

National Average Salary – ₹5,67,701 p.a. 

Equity analysts are market professionals who study a company’s historical stock performance. They study its performance to predict if the stock will be profitable in the future. 

The information provided by equity analysts is used by clients to make decisions on the companies they hold. Besides this, they also track stocks held by their clients to check if the performance is on par with the expected rate of return. 

Equity research involves doing intense research and having expert analytical skills, and a knack for studying businesses. An added advantage would be legal knowledge revolving around companies. 

4. Investment Banker 

National Average Salary – ₹5,97,078 p.a. 

Private companies are regularly going public and to do that, they rely heavily on various investment banks. Investment banking is one of the services that banks provide to companies to raise capital. Investment bankers are professionals who have expertise in their specific domain.

Besides IPOs, Investment bankers provide other services to clients, be it raising capital, issuing bonds, and mergers and acquisitions. All of these services require professionals with expert knowledge of each service. Investment banking is one of the highest-paying jobs in finance and the markets.

5. Stock Broker 

National Average Salary – ₹2,92,256 p.a. 

A stock broker is a trader who buys and sells securities on behalf of his clients. The difference between a trader and a broker lies in the fact that brokers earn off the commissions earned through successful trades and 

they merely act on behalf of their clients. Traders on the other hand make decisions themselves and take on all the risk and reward. 

6. Risk Analyst 

National Average Salary – ₹5,23,965 p.a. 

Risk analysts are certified professionals who work for clients and companies to assess one factor – Risk. 

Specifically, financial risk. Risk analysts study market trends and the financial records of the company to assess the risk of their investments as well as their transactions. 

Risk Analysts conduct thorough intrinsic research into the company and its operations. Their report is submitted only after taking into account all important factors and information. Usually, companies hire independent firms to conduct the study. 

7. Market Research Analyst 

National Average Salary – ₹2,32,437 p.a. 

When companies want to enter into an industry, they require sound proof that the data is accurate enough for them to invest. Market research analysts are experts who provide consumer as well as competitor data to companies and clients. 

This data can also be used for expansion, acquisitions, and IPOs. All these factors require immense study. Stock movements are affected by various factors and it requires expertise to understand the movement factors. 

8. Financial Advisor 

National Average Salary – ₹4,21,797 p.a. 

High net worth individuals (HNIs) and Ultra High net worth individuals hire expert advisors to best manage their finances. These financial advisors are certified experts who provide consulting services on personal financial management. 

As a financial advisor, you get to help manage the finances of individuals and essentially make better decisions. This is not limited to investments alone. It could be – insurance, tax, stocks, and retirement planning. Every aspect of financial planning is covered by a certified financial advisor. 

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In Closing

Making the right career choice is important and it requires thorough research before making a decision. That’s all for this blog on “Jobs related to stock market”. If you have any suggestions for this blog then do mention them in the comments below. Happy Investing!

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