List of Books about Swing Trading: If you are interested in the stock market, you have probably heard about technical analysis, trading, and fundamental analysis. The stock market’s trading time frame is divided into two parts: day trading and trend trading.

Trading stocks on the same day is called day trading, while trend trading is a method of trading that can last several days, weeks, or even months. Swing trading is a hybrid of both and is a method of mixing day trading with trend trading, otherwise known as passive investing.

Traders that use this strategy aggressively seek out troughs and peaks in the price of a given asset. They then use that data to create predictions about future price fluctuations that they may use to make money. Swing traders use a plethora of current and historical data to determine the best course of action. However, there is no assurance that prior data will be incorporated into future trades.

Top Books About Swing Trading for Stock Traders to Read!

Now, let’s look at the books about swing trading that every novice or professional investor should have on their shelves.

1. Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter

Mastering the Trade by John F. Carter

Mastering the Trade By John Carter ranks first on our list of top books about swing trading. Originally released in 2005, this is the book’s third printing, and it has become a cult favorite in the day trading community. In a market where technology has had a considerable impact, this book’s primary purpose is to help swing traders stay afloat.

With its 481 pages, the book attempts to simplify the subject matter for even the most inexperienced readers by drawing on the author’s personal experiences. For experienced traders, however, the book’s reliance on real-world examples may be a turnoff.

As long as you’re prepared to put in the time, this book can teach you a few useful day-trading ideas. It’s made much more enjoyable to read by including a subtle sense of levity.

Finally, graphs and video links throughout the book (especially the eBook). This additional information can be quite beneficial in developing an impenetrable strategy. 

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2. The Master Swing Trader by Alan S. Farley

The Master Swing Trader by Alan S. Farley

The book’s flashy cover may give the impression that it is aimed at beginners. But that could not be further from the truth. Nevertheless, the book is fairly extensive if you take the time to peruse its pages. Among other things, it teaches you how to read and interpret charts. The author makes assumptions about your prior understanding of chart patterns, indicators, and candlesticks.

You may find it difficult to understand as a total novice. To help you get the most out of this tutorial, we recommend taking some fundamental beginning courses. The author does an excellent job of elucidating on Bollinger Bands. Additionally, we like that each page is full of useful information. Every time you read one of its sentences, you’ll learn something new.

You should, however, take your time reading the book, as it contains a lot of information. A good example is the “7 Bells” approach, which we think is worth learning about. When used to find immediate opportunities, this is a useful tool. 

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3. Swing Trading for Dummies by Omar Bassal

Swing Trading for Dummies by Omar Bassal

Regardless of how many books you’ve read or how many courses you’ve attended, Omar Bassal’s book will show you how to put your knowledge to work. To begin with, this tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of trading and teaches you how to avoid excessive risk-taking, which we appreciate.

Plus, this instruction is prepared in simple language. Here are some helpful tidbits and recommendations that can enable you to make well-informed decisions, whether dealing with fundamental or technical analysis. The 368-page book was updated in April of this year, and as far as we know, it’s the most recent version. Furthermore, the author is one of the Middle East’s foremost asset management experts.

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4. Swing Trading by Marcus Baumann

Swing Trading by Marcus Baumann

A good place to start if you want to avoid trying to decipher technical jargon is Marcus Baumann’s book. Swing trading for newbies is the focus of this article, and most importantly, it teaches you to make money online using tried-and-true strategies.

We’d only recommend this book to anyone who wants a general introduction to swing trading because of the book’s simplicity. It’s an excellent thing to have if you’re hoping to make this a full-time career, alternatively, seeking new ideas for the new adventures in the stock market.

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5. Come into my Trading Room by Dr. Alexander Elder

Come into my Trading Room by Dr. Alexander Elder

Incorporating tried-and-true trading methods, Come Into My Trading Room is a resource for both new and seasoned investors. For example, it offers you a full introduction to the principles of profitable trading at the same time as it gives critical psychological methods for principled trading.

When it comes to the 3Ms, Alexander Elder devotes a lot of effort to teach you how to put them together. The quality of the information provided in each guide’s paragraphs is unmatched, and it’s expected to keep you engrossed.

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Can You Get Rich By Swing Trading?

Swing trading can definitely make you rich depending on the percentage return you can earn in an earn. In the stock market, a return of 15% to 20% per annum is seen as favourable. Therefore, after 15 years, assuming you are able to generate an average return of 15% p.a, you will have increased your initial capital by 713%. Assuming you are able to generate an average return of 20% p.a for the span of 15 years, you will have increased your initial capital by 1440%.

In Closing

Today, we looked at the top books on swing trading. Although, there are many more books about swing trading, but the ones listed above are some of the most popular ones. And this is owing to their continued relevance when it comes to learning to trade. Not just that, the various techniques inherent in these books apply to today’s stock market.

So much so that many professionals have turned to these books to use one or more of the techniques that have helped many successful investors.

Lastly, taking courses on swing trading can also help you better understand what swing trading is all about. Such courses are available on FinGrad for immediate access. Better still, one can combine both learning methods to understand the subject robustly.

With this, we are sure that you are on the right path to being a successful investor in the stock market. So that’s all for the article on Books about swing trading, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy Investing!

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