Glance at Nemish Shah Portfolio Analysis: Nemish Shah is the co-founder of ENAM, an investment firm that started off as a brokerage house. He co-founded the firm in 1984 with Vallabh Bhansali.

He currently runs the firm as a director and has launched multiple IPOs, including Infosys in 1993. His public holdings amount to over Rs. 1,181 crores as per Trendline.

Nemish Shah Portfolio Analysis & His Latest Holdings

Today we’re going to take a closer look at Nemish Shah Portfolio Analysis, keep reading to find out more.

Company NameHolding Value (Rs. in Crores)Quantity HeldPercentage Stake
Lakshmi Machine Works844.8963,8739.00%
Elgi Equipments218.65,360,0001.70%
EID Parry (India) Ltd.1132,079,5311.20%
Zodiac Clothing Company3.8405,1241.60%
Rane Engine Valve Ltd.1.567,9001.00%
Nemish Shah Portfolio Analysis Chart

1. Lakshmi Machine Works

Lakshmi Machine Works is a textile machine and CNC machine tools manufacturer founded in Coimbatore. Starting in 1962, it is the largest manufacturer of Textile machines in India.

The company began operations through a partnership with Swiss-based Reiter and German Steel & Ammo Company Krupp. As per the latest Trendline data, the company is the most valuable holding of Nemish Shah, accounting for over 70% of his entire portfolio. 

The quarter ending March 2021 showed that the investor bought a 1.0% stake in the company, increasing overall holdings from 8.3% to 9.3%. 

However, since then he has been selling off his shares consistently, bringing it down to 9.0% in March 2022. As it stands, Lakshmi Machine Works is the biggest and only change in the investor’s portfolio.  As a result, this stock is ranked first on Nemish Shah Portfolio Analysis.

2. Elgi Equipments

Set up in 1960, Elgi Equipments began its operations in the manufacture of air compressors.  It got listed in 1975 and has since expanded its sales to foreign countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Brazil, The Middle East, and the USA.

The company has multiple warehouse facilities and subsidiaries in the listed countries as well. 

Investor Nemish Shah holds a 1.7% stake ( 5,360,000 shares)  in the company worth Rs. 218 crores. The latest data shows no significant change in his holdings.

3. EID Parry (India) Ltd

EID or East India Distilleries is the oldest company in Nemish Shah’s portfolio. As the name suggests, the company has its roots all the way back to Pre-Independent India (1788) when the East India Company operated in exports and imports here.

The company was the first to manufacture fertilizers, the first to set up a sugar plant, and the first to conduct Research and Development in India.  

Presently the company manufactures sugar and other bioproducts. Nemish Shah’s stake in the company is worth Rs. 113 crores for a 1.2% equity stake. 

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4. Zodiac Clothing Company

Zodiac Clothing is the parent company of clothing brands Zodiac and ZOD!. The company was incorporated in 1984 and went public 10 years later in 1994. It started off as a Necktie company called “House of Zodiac” by M.Y. Noorani in 1954.  The company has three brands, primarily for men, – ZODIAC, ZOD! and Z3. 

Nemish Shah holds a 1.6% equity stake in the small-cap company. The last movement on this stock was in the quarter ending December 2020, which showed he held a 1.8% stake in the company at the time.  

5. Rane Engine Valve Ltd.

Coming in at number 5, Rane Engine Valve Ltd. is the smallest holding in Nemish Shah’s portfolio. 

Rane Engine is a subsidiary of the Rane Group. They manufacture valves and valve train parts for engines. The company is the oldest valve train manufacturer in India. Starting in 1959, they now have 5 manufacturing facilities and are headquartered in Chennai.

With a 30% market share, they are also the largest valve manufacturer in the country.  Nemish Shah owns a 1.0% stake worth just over Rs. 1.5 crores. And with this stock, our article on Nemish Shah portfolio analysis comes to an end.

In Closing

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