List of Penny Stocks Held By SBI: When you read the news or hear about the State Bank Of India, the last thing you would expect is for the largest State-run Bank to have investments in penny stocks. But this article will make you think otherwise. 

SBI is the largest as well as the oldest bank in India, tracing its roots back to the early 1800s. Besides this, the government-backed bank is also one of the largest employers in the world, with close to 2.45 lakh employees worldwide. 

Similar to every money lender, SBI generates revenue through lending and borrowing. Besides this, the bank also makes investments in businesses and listed companies as well.

Penny Stocks Held By SBI

SBI has 23 stocks in its portfolio with a market valuation of Rs. 105,695 crores. However, a majority of this value comes from its own subsidiaries SBI Life Insurance and SBI Cards and Payments Service. Besides this, there is a list of stocks that have a tiny market cap and are barely known on the Indian bourses. These stocks are quite commonly known as penny stocks.

A penny stock is a share of a company that is worth less than a few dollars and below a market capitalization of Rs. 3000 crores. Penny stocks are only defined by the share price. The market cap and size of the company also come into play when defining security as a penny stock.

List Of Penny Stocks held by SBI

The table below shows the penny stocks held by SBI as of March 2022. 

Company NameCMP ( INR)Market Cap (In Crores)SBI Holding (INR)Percentage Stake
Gangotri Textiles0.953.17.8 Lakh2.50%
Quintegra Solutions1.54.0230 Lakh7.46%
Consolidated Construction Consortium277.7523.4 Crores29.35%
RattanIndia Power3.41,81055.9 Crores3.06%
Bombay Rayon Fashions5.2165.0947.5 Crores28.77%
TamilNadu Telecommunications6.8531.292.9 Crores9.30%
Gujarat State Financial Corporation7.6971.76.8 Lakhs0.10%
SEPC Ltd7.75738.3697.4 Crores12.93%
Stellant Securities (India) Ltd.8.060.699 K1.66%
MSP Steel & Power Ltd.9.75377.7145.2 Crores12.02%
Jyoti Structures Ltd14.4913.7248.1 Crores5.27%
Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals29.95100.079.3 Crores9.36%
Prakash Woollen & Synthetic Mills3030.7836 Lakhs1.17%
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.32.11,93064.4 Crores.3.38%

Source: Trendlyne

1. Gangotri Textiles

Gangotri Textiles is a yarn manufacturing company with a market cap of just Rs. 3.1 crores. They manufacture garments from end to end, that is from the yarn to the finished fabric. 

SBI has invested 7.8 lakhs for a 2.5% stake in the company. With a CMP of just Rs. 1, it is the most affordable stock on this list. As a result, this stock is ranked first on the list of Best Penny Stocks Held By SBI.

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2. Quintegra Solutions

Quintegra is a SaaS company based out of Chennai. It was founded in 1994 and offers services in banking and finance, logistics, healthcare, and education, to name a few. 

SBI holds 2,000,000 shares for a 7.46% equity stake in the company. 

3. Consolidated Construction Consortium

CCCL is a construction company founded in 1997. The share price was listed at Rs. 143 and has never seen that price ever since. With a CMP of Rs. 2, it is valued at 77.7 crores in market valuation. Interestingly, SBI owns almost a third of the company, with a 29.35% stake.

4. RattanIndia Power

RattanIndia Power is a subsidiary of RattanIndia Group. The company is one of the most valuable penny stocks in SBI’s portfolio. The power generation company is based in Maharashtra, with two thermal power plants. SBI owns a 3.06% stake in RattanIndia Power. 

5. Bombay Rayon Fashions

With 13 manufacturing facilities, Bombay Rayon is a textile company located across Maharashtra and Karnataka. It was incorporated and listed in 1992. The company represents one of two stocks in the list where SBI holds more than a 28% stake. 

6. Tamil Nadu Telecommunications

TN Telecommunications is a Government-owned company that manufactures fiber optic cables. The ISO-certified company was founded in 1988. Besides domestic operations, they also supply cables to Kuwait, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Jordan. 

SBI owns 9.3% of the company, valued at Rs. 2.9 crores and is also the latest entry to the Government Bank’s portfolio. 

7. Gujarat State Financial Corporation

Another Government company held by SBI, Gujarat State Financial Corporation is a registered NBFC. The company acts as a fund manager of surplus capital and provides funding to other government companies at a lower rate of interest. 

At 0.10%, it represents the smallest holding in terms of equity in our list, valued at just Rs. 7.8 lakhs. 

8. SEPC Ltd

SEPC is an infrastructure and power company headquartered in Chennai. The company has multiple verticals such as metallurgy, water infrastructure, and mining. SBI owns a 12.93% stake in the company, which is worth Rs. 97 crores. 

9. Stellant Securities (India) Ltd

Stellent Securities (India) was incorporated in 1991 and got listed two years later in 1993. It is officially registered as a trading company as per the company website. In terms of holding value, Stellent represents the smallest investment made by SBI. For a 1.66% stake, the bank has invested Rs.99,000. 

10. MSP Steel & Power Ltd.

MSP Steel is a subsidiary of the MSP Group. The Kolkata-based company manufactures steel pipes, TMT bars, and other iron products. Some of their customers include BHEL and GVR.  SBI owns 12% of the company valued at Rs. 45 crores. Which makes this stock rank last on the list of Best Penny Stocks Held By SBI.

In Closing

Before cryptocurrency, penny stocks were highly volatile securities in the investing world. You could either become a millionaire overnight or be bankrupt before the weekend. Penny stocks held by SBI would the last thing people would assume about the nationalized bank. A historical view of some of the stocks above shows that they reached peaks that were astronomical for a penny stock. 

But even among these stocks, some of the companies show fundamentally strong performance. This might be an excellent time for investors to enter the market. However, investors with little knowledge can take courses on FinGrad to make the right investment strategy.

That’s all for this blog on Penny Stocks Held By SBI. We hope you liked this piece. Happy Investing!

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