Power Companies India: With great power comes great responsibility. Besides responsibility, it also creates the framework for an entire country, as almost every single industry today, is dependent on energy and power supply.

For the longest time, most of India, especially the underdeveloped regions lived in darkness as electrifying an entire country is time-consuming, not to mention very expensive. 

In recent years, India’s shift to focus on green energy, solar power generation, and other renewable energy alternatives has been making headlines.

For our informative blog on the power sector, we bring you “Power Companies India”, highlighting the power industry in India, and some of the top companies that have a sizable presence in a sector that is responsible for quite literally, powering up an entire country.

Power Industry In India

Prior to the recent boom in investments in the renewable energy sector, India’s energy needs were mostly fulfilled by coal combined with heavy imports of energy, oil, and other forms of energy.

India is the 2nd largest producer of coal on the globe.  Even in 2022, 58.6 percent of India’s thermal power installed capacity ( Of a total of 236.1 GW) comes from coal, and the remaining comes from diesel, lignite, and gas. 

However, in the recent decade, new developments have come up in India’s attempt to shift its energy dependency to more sustainable and greener energy sources such as hydro, solar, and wind, aside from alternatives to fossil fuels such as CNG and LPG.

From Solar, wind, hydro, and biopower alone, electricity generation has gone up from 193.5 billion units (2013-14) to 306.5 billion units (2020-21). 

India is both the 3rd largest producer as well as consumer of electricity in the world. 

Power Companies India – Table

S. No.Company NameMarket Cap (Rs. In Cr.)
2Power Grid Corporation149344.48
3Adani Transmission113451.19
4Tata Power65408.63
5Adani Power54344.27
7JSW Energy36980.53
8Torrent Power24194.21
10Indian Energy Exchange12096.62
11NLC India10580.01



NTPC is the biggest Indian power company, owned and operated by the Government Of India. National Thermal Power Corporation was incorporated in the year 1975, and it is an integral part of the Indian power generation and distribution network.

According to the company website, they have 88 stations and 5 renewable energy projects. While most of its power generation is through burning coal, the company has diversified its power generation through hydroelectric, nuclear, and other renewable sources. 

NTPC has an installed capacity of 71,544 MW, which includes 33 coal-based power plants, 29 solar plants, 11 gas based, 1 wind plant, and 1 wind plant. It is also the largest power company listed in India, with a market capitalization of ₹1.6 lakh crores.  

2. Power Grid Corporation

Power Grid Logo

As important as power generation is power transmission and that is where the Power Grid Corporation comes into the power sector. The government-owned Maharatna PSU was incorporated in the year 1989 and is India’s largest electric power transmission company. The company went public in 2007, and over half of the company (51.3 percent) is held by the Government of India.  

Power Grid has over 271 sub-stations and a transformation capacity of 493,862 MVA. Besides power transmission, the company has also diversified its business into the telecom sector through its country-wide transmission network under the brand name “Powertel”.  

3. Adani Transmission

Adani Transmission Logo

Part of the Adani group, Adani Transmission is one of the largest private players in the Indian power transmission sector. The company has over 18,500 c km of power transmission lines and a transformation capacity of 38,600 MVA. 

The group forayed into the transmission sector in 2006, prior to the creation of Adani Transmission. The company was created to transfer excess power from the group’s power plants in Mundra and Tiroda.

In 2015, recognizing the potential of power transmission in India, Adani Transmission was created. The company has a goal of setting up 30,000 c km of transmission lines by 2030. They have made sizable acquisitions since incorporation, including the assets of GMR, KEC, and Reliance Infrastructure. 

4. Tata Power

TATA Power Logo

The Tata Group has been making revolutionary changes in the renewable energy sector. Tata Power is also one of the oldest power companies in India, with an industry presence of over 100 years. It was formerly part of a company known as Tata Electric Companies. The company has a power generation capacity of 14,076 megawatts and over 12 million distribution consumers. 

Tata Power has many firsts to its name –

  • established the country’s first hydroelectric power station in Khopoli.
  • Installed India’s first 500-megawatt generating unit at Trombay.
  • Tata Power Delhi Distribution Ltd was the first successful public-private partnership in the power sector.

The company is also working toward the installation of solar panels and has already installed many projects in India, like the solar rooftop installation at Cricket Club of India, Mumbai, making it the largest of its kind in the world. 

5. Adani Power

Adani Power Logo

Adani Power is the power generation company under the Adani Group. According to the company website, it is the largest private thermal power production company in India.

They have a generation capacity of 12,450 megawatts from their thermal plants in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Chattisgarh. Besides this, the company also has a 40 mega-watt solar power plant in Gujarat.

Adani Power is one of the seven listed companies under the Adani Group. Their other ventures in the energy sector are Adani Total Gas, Adani Transmission, and Adani Green. 

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In Closing

Due to the growing demand for power, the shift to renewable energy is becoming a bigger reality, as India tries to shift away from its dependence on coal.

India is already expecting investments of hundreds of billions of dollars in this sector. Which energy sector do you think will overtake coal first? Let us know below! Happy Investing!

We hope that you have gained some insights from the article on Power Companies India as we conclude it here.

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