List of Top Stock Screeners in India: According to Statista, there are 7,462 listed companies on the Indian Bourses (NSE and BSE). That is 7,462 profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements to analyze as an investor. 

Besides this, all that data tells a story about the company’s performance and history. From that, we derive ratios such as dividend yield, debt to equity ratio, price to earnings, ROE, ROCE, etc.

As a value investor, all these fundamentals are important for you to make an educated and informed decision with your money. Besides this, there’s also the fact that all of them are spread across sectors ranging from manufacturing and exports to FMCG and services. 

But can you actually analyze every company from scratch, going through all their financial statements just to pick a handful of stocks that are sound and valuable? 

Those 7.4K companies could either make you the richest investor in the country or go bankrupt as well. So how do you go about making quick work in studying companies’ financials?

List of Top Stock Screeners in India

Here, we’re going to go through the top 5 Stock Screening Platforms in India today –

Top Stock Screeners in India #1 – Ticker Tape

Ticker Tape cover image

From the homepage, the website of Ticker Tape has a great dark-themed User Interface. At the top header of the site, is a horizontal moving banner of stock indices and their shifting prices. Besides individual stocks, there are also the features of checking the performance of mutual funds, ETFs, and indices. 

They also have their own Market Mood Index which shows the movement of the market based on investor mood ( Fear or Greed).

A differentiating feature of Ticker Tape as a screener is that you can place an order through them by linking your brokerage account, which is unique to most screener solutions. Some features are premium and it starts at a subscription price of around ₹118 per month. 

Top Stock Screeners in India #2 – Screener

Top 5 Stock Screeners in India Screener cover image

The screener has one of the widest range of features for investors, including custom filters that allow you to make your own screens! And all for free. In terms of value, Screener takes one of the top spots on this list as they have a detailed analysis of not just companies, but their sectors as well.

Even if you’re not looking for your own custom screen, the website provides you with hundreds of pre-built screening lists for you to choose from. 

The free features of the site provide exponential value to users, with the option of adding your own filters to search for stocks as well. You can also get a paid subscription to the service with some added features and benefits. 

Top Stock Screeners in India #3 – Trade Brains Portal

Trade Brains Portal cover image

Portal by Trade Brains offers users over sixty parameters through which you can screen, shortlist and select stocks. This gives you the opportunity to make a better investment decision. 

Once these parameters are set, you can save your preferred screen and use it next time as well. 

Some of the features they have are Buckets, which groups stocks that come under certain categories like sectors, monopolies, and even conglomerates such as Tata, Bajaj, Adani, and Birla. 

You can also check out the portfolios of your favorite ace investors through Superstar Portfolios and follow their investment patterns.

Top Stock Screeners in India #4 – Trendlyne

Trendlyne cover image

Trendlyne has one of the most detailed screeners and analysis websites for markets trading and investing. Like the other platforms on this list, Trendlyne provides features such as stock screening, mutual funds, Superstars, and your own portfolio analysis for free. The UI/UX is one of a kind and unlike other platforms, with entire detailed charts and movement recordings of shares, including the day-to-day movements of the stock markets as well.

Along with all these features, top brokers i.e Mutual fund companies’ movements, FIIs, and FPIs are also closely monitored. 

Top Stock Screeners in India #5 – Ticker

Top 5 Stock Screeners in India Ticker cover image

Ticker has a neat and simplified interface that gives all the necessary details on a single page like their Market Dashboard. You can track companies, indices, and even upcoming IPOs. Their Super Investor Section has a good number of high net worth investors, and they have their own list of curated bundles, some of which are accessible only through the paid subscription of the service. 

Additional Screeners to Watch

  1. CapitalCube
  2. EquityMaster
  3. Edelweiss
  4. Google Finance
  5. Investing

In Closing

A close observation of the above platforms shows that almost all the websites provide more or less the same services, with a majority of them being free to use as well. The difference lies in the user interface and experience, along with a set of specific features that are specific to the type of investor you are looking to become.

For example, Trendlyne provides a Futures and Options section. The best one depends on the type of analysis you are looking to make. We hope you learned about the use of stock screeners in this article.

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