List of Top Economies in the World: The gross domestic product also determines a country’s economic power (GDP). In simpler words, it is the total amount of money created by selling products and services in the country. Now that you know what GDP is, keep reading to find out about countries with the top GDP.

World GDP: The global GDP is $95 trillion as of 2022, the table includes historical, current, and prospective numbers for all nations from 2019 through 2026. The following is a list of Top Economies in the World by GDP, sorted according to each country’s economic activity in 2022.

What do we understand from the GDP?

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a broad measure of a country’s economic activity. GDP is the monetary market worth of all final products and services produced in a nation over a certain period.

The entire planet’s GDP is the sum of the gross national income of all countries in the world. Rising GDP in a country often signifies more economic activity that benefits labor and businesses. 

The richest countries in the world are no longer as shocking as they were 20 years ago. They are the countries often called global financial capitals and attract many corporations due to their low tax rates.

This money, paired with tiny populations, results in high per capita revenues that most countries will never be able to match.

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Countries by GDP Rank 2022

Thanks to Covid-19 the global economy will be weaker in 2022 than originally predicted. Countries have reimposed mobility restrictions as the new Omicron COVID-19 variant spreads.

Rising energy costs and supply interruptions have resulted in higher and more widespread inflation than expected, particularly in the United States and many emerging and developing nations.

The persistent contraction of China’s real estate industry and the slower-than-expected recovery of private consumption constrain growth prospects.

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Global growth is predicted to slow from 5.9 percent in 2021 to 4.4 percent in 2022, half a percentage point lower than in the October World Economic Outlook (WEO), owing mostly to estimated revisions in the two largest economies. 

The following is a list of countries by GDP, sorted according to each country’s economic activity in 2021. The United States economy is the largest all in the world, measured by nominal GDP, followed by China, the world’s second-largest, with annual growth that consistently outpaces the United States; however, it may take only a few years to overtake the United States,

Which faces significant challenges such as an aging population, environmental degradation, and the Wuhan virus. Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, and France are the other major contributors to global GDP. The global GDP is 95 trillion as of 2022.


RankCountry NameGDP(US$ million)
1United States25,346,805
6United Kingdom3,376,003
12South Korea1,804,680
18Saudi Arabia1,040,166

With the epidemic now in full swing, a successful global health plan is more important than ever. To limit the possibility of more hazardous COVID-19 variations, global access to immunizations, testing, and therapies is critical.

This necessitates higher supply production, improved in-country delivery networks, and more equitable worldwide distribution.

Monetary policy in many countries will need to continue tightening to contain inflationary pressures. In contrast, fiscal policy will need to emphasize health and social expenditure while focusing assistance on the most vulnerable.

Top Economies in the World collaboration will be critical in this setting to maintain access to financing and speed up orderly debt restructurings when necessary.

Which country do you think is going the be making the biggest moves in terms of GDP in the list above? Post your comments below and let us know what you think of this blog post on Top Economies in the World.

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