List of Growing Chemical Stocks: Many industries rely heavily on the chemical sector, including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, and food processing. In recent years, the sector has produced many multi-baggers in the Indian chemical industry.

A big gap separates the chemical industry from the rest of the market, regardless of the company’s size. This article examines the chemical sector and focuses on some of the finest stocks in this industry. To learn more, keep reading!

The Chemical Industry in India – A Summary

In 2019, India’s chemical sector is expected to be valued at more than $178 billion, making it one of the largest in the world. The additional US $34 billion in the chemical industry is estimated to be generated by 2025. By 2025, the industry is predicted to grow at a 9.3% annual rate.

In addition, India is a major player in the worldwide trade in chemicals, exports, and imports. At the world level, India is now ranked 14th in exports and 8th in imports. Concerning particular markets, India is now the fourth-largest agrochemical producer in the world.

Tremendous growth is expected from the chemical sector in the coming years, making investing in the growing chemical stocks in India a good idea.

Some of the Growing Chemical Stocks in India Today

1. Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd.

Tatva Chintan Logo | List of Growing Chemical Stocks

Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Ltd., also known as Tatva Chintan or TCPCL, is a renowned manufacturer of specialty chemicals. The firm was formed in 1996 as a private limited company, and its registered office is located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, India. In 2021, it became a public limited company.

Tatva Chintan has successfully established an integrated model that consists of world-class production capabilities, sophisticated chemical processes, storage facilities, and technically strong research and development capabilities.

This model enables the company to attain maximum operational performance and accuracy, innovate and customize, and assure sustainable solutions with extensive offers. There is no doubt that this company is on its path to tremendous growth, making its stocks an option for investors to invest in.

2. Paushak Ltd.

Paushak Ltd Logo

Paushak Limited (Paushak) is a specialized chemicals firm headquartered in India. Phosgene gas and specialty chemicals/intermediaries based on phosgene are among the products made by the company. For example, the company’s product line includes isocyanates, chloroformates, carbonates, carbamates, and other chemical compounds.

They are employed in a variety of industries, including insecticides, medicines, dyes, polymers, and perfumeries, among others. Casoyl chloride isocyanate chloroformate is made through the phosgenation process, which the company does under contract. 

Founded in 1972, Paushak is located 40km outside of Vadodara (Gujarat) and around 400km north of Mumbai. The manufacturing of phosphine and its derivatives is one of several products the firm has been proficient at producing over the years.

This company manufactures high-demand chemicals, which means there is potential growth for this company in the stock market. As one of the growing chemical stocks in India, investors would be wise to partake in the potential growth of this company in the stock market.

3. Clean Science and Technology

Clean Science and Technology Logo | List of Growing Chemical Stocks

Established in 2003, Clean Science and Technology manufactures fine and specialized chemicals using in-house-developed techniques. Clean Science and Technology is a family-run enterprise that uses in-house catalytic methods to produce new technologies that are both environmentally benign and cost-competitive.

Specialty chemicals are exported to multinational corporations worldwide, and they are the world’s biggest producers of some of these chemicals.

This company has been listed on the Indian stock exchange and is among the country’s growing chemical stocks. Investors may want to research why this company may be highly profitable in the near future.

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4. Neogen Food and Animal Security

Neogen Food and Animal Security Logo | List of Growing Chemical Stocks

Neogen Food and Animal Security (India) PVT. LTD. was founded in 1990 as the Sterling Group’s R & D arm. Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) purchased Sterling Group, a food and animal safety firm, in 2015.

The India office of Neogen does chemical and microbiological testing for industries, food processors, restaurants, top hotels, resorts, trading houses, exporters, pharmaceutical firms, and ayurvedic institutions/formulators.

As an investor in the stock market, this is one of India’s many growing chemical stocks to look out for. And just like the others, it offers great potential in the stock market.

In Closing

Growing Chemical Stocks in India have undergone a paradigm change as a direct result of the COVID epidemic. Chemicals are being manufactured in India by Indian enterprises, who are doing so to supply the country’s vast, undeveloped market.

Because of the ‘China Plus One’ plan, there is the possibility of an increase in exports, which will result in a significant shift in the chemical supply chain to India.

The transition in the supply chain is sure to be beneficial to the top chemical industry stocks in India, which should see a rise in opportunities and a bigger market share due to the government’s actions.

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