Glance at Vijay Kedia Portfolio Analysis: Here is a story of an investor who started trading at the young age of 19. His strategy of SMILE – Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in aspiration, and Extra-large in market potential has led him to reap the benefits of multi-bagger investments. 

Some of those stocks were Atul Auto, Punjab Tractors, Aegis Logistics, and Cera Sanitaryware. Vijay Kedia came from a family of stockbrokers. Born in Kolkata, he took over the family business of stockbroking after the passing of his father.

Vijay Kedia Portfolio Analysis

After some time, he decided to venture out on his own and begin stock trading so he relocated to the city of Mumbai in 1989.  His first big win was investing rupees 35,000 in Punjab Tractors.

After a short span of three years, he earned 1.5 lakhs from the stock.  Kedia is known for spotting undervalued stocks that have been overlooked and turning them over for a multifold profit.

To get a better idea of this rags-to-riches Investor, we’re going to take a closer look at Vijay Kedia Portfolio Analysis as of March 2022.

Vijay Kedia Portfolio Analysis & His Latest Holdings

Vijay Kedia has a net worth of 445 crores spread across 15 different stocks. His most valuable holding is Vaibhav Global Ltd.

Company NameHolding Value ( In Crores)No of SharesStake Percentage
Vaibhav Global Ltd.123.83,045,0001.90%
Cera Sanitaryware51.5130,5071.00%
Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd.492,040,0001.00%
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.48.11,000,0001.40%
Repro India Ltd.34.2901,4917.10%
Elecon Engineering Company25.91,339,7131.20%
Affordable Robotic and Automation22.21,440,00014.20%
Ramco Systems18.8725,0002.40%
Heritage Foods15.2525,0001.10%
Neuland Laboratories13.5130,0001.00%
Innovators Facade Systems12.62,010,63210.70%
Talbros Automotive Components12280,0002.30%
Atul Auto5.6321,5121.50%
Panasonic Energy India Company2.593,0041.20%

Source – Trendlyne

1. Vaibhav Global Ltd

Headquartered in Jaipur, Vaibhav Global is an online retailer of gems and fashion accessories. They export their products to the USA and UK through home shopping channels. Vijay Kedia’s holdings in the company, worth about 123 crores, have slowly increased to 1.90% from 1.8% in September 2021.  He has been holding this stock at least since March 2017, As a result, this was the first stock in Vijay Kedia Portfolio Analysis.

2. Cera Sanitaryware

Cera is the multibagger stock in Vijay Kedia’s portfolio. As per the latest data, the investor has consistently offloaded his stake in the company. According to the latest shareholding data, his name was missing from the list of shareholders of the company. He invested in Cera in 2004-2005 when the company shares traded at 3-4 rupees per share. Presently the share price of the company is ₹3,916.70. 

3. Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd.

A subsidiary of the Mahindra Group, the company is a hospitality and hotel company with locations throughout India.  The company is also a recent addition to Vijay Kedia’s portfolio. He bought a 1% stake at the quarter end of June 2021. The latest shareholding data shows that he is still holding onto the 2,040,000 shares of the company, worth approximately 49 crores. 

4. Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd

Sudharshan is a colour chemical company that began its operations in 1952. They ran two plants – Pune and Roha. Fast forward to the 21st century, the company has a market capitalization of 3,500 crores. Kedia’s equity stake in the company is worth just over 48 crores. The shareholding pattern reveals that he has been selling his stake regularly in the company from as far back as 2015. 

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5. Repro India Ltd

Repro is a printing company that makes physical books from renowned publishers such as Penguin, Pearson, and Oxford University Press. The company was listed on the BSE in 2005. Vijay Kedia holds a 7.1% stake in the company as of March 2022. The latest shareholding pattern shows that he has been selling his stake consistently over the past few quarters. He previously held a 7.46% stake in Repro. 

6. Elecon Engineering Company

Number 6 on the list is Elecon Engineering. It is an engineering company based in Gujarat. They are one of the largest industrial equipment manufacturers in Asia. Kedia’s holding in the company is at a 1.19% equity stake. It is one of the more recent entries in the ace investor’s portfolio. The current value stands at around 27 crores for 1,339,713 shares. This is a slight increase from the quarter ending December 2021 at 1.16%. 

7. Affordable Robotic and Automation

ARAPL Ltd is a Pune-based company focused on automation and smart parking solutions. Their automation robots are used in warehouses and factories and their parking infrastructure is used in commercial complexes. Vijay Kedia owns close to a 14% stake in the company, which is a slight decrease from 15.3% as of September 2021. The shareholding pattern shows that Mr.Kedia sold a portion of his holding and currently holds about  1.4 million shares in ARAPL. 

8. Ramco Systems

Ramco Systems is a subsidiary of the Ramco Group. It is based out of Chennai, India, and provides enterprise software solutions. Between June 2020 and December 2021, Vijay Kedia had been consistently increasing his stake in the company.

He initially held about 1.1% of the equity stake and increased it to 2.6% up until December 2021. At the quarter end of March 2022, the shareholding pattern shows that the investor sold a 0.4% stake in the software company. His current holding stands at 725,000 shares, worth 18.5 crores. 

9. Heritage Foods

Heritage is a dairy and agricultural company based out of Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh. The company was started by former Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu and is one of the largest privately owned dairy manufacturers in South India.  As of March 2022, Vijay Kedia owns 525,000 shares of a 1.1%  equity stake in the company. He had bought an extra 0.1% stake in March 2021, totaling the holding value to about 15.4 crores. 

10. Neuland Laboratories

Neuland is a pharmaceutical company based out of Hyderabad. They specialize in APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) manufacturing.

The company started in 1984 and has its headquarters in Hyderabad. 

The shareholding pattern shows that Vijay Kedia has been selling his stake in portions from 2020 till recently. In March 2020, the investor held a 1.95% equity stake in Neuland.

That has now been reduced to 1.0% or 130,000 shares worth 13.4 crores. And with this stock, our piece on Vijay Kedia Portfolio Analysis comes to an end.

Who Is The Owner Of Kedia Securities?

Ace Investor Vijay Kedia owns and manages his investment portfolio through his own firm called Kedia Securities. He manages his entire portfolio worth over ₹770 crores across 16 stocks through his firm. 


In Closing

That’s it for this piece on the ace investor’s Vijay Kedia portfolio analysis. If you have any thoughts about this blog then do leave a comment below and as always, Happy Investing!

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