Well-known Popular Share Market Success Stories: Participants in the stock market have high hopes and aspirations. Everyone aims to achieve financial success, and be like one of the wealthiest investors, such as Warren Buffett, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Vijay Kedia, and many more.

Since people have heard that the stock market is beneficial over the long-term, everyone wants to have multi-baggers that are capable of delivering returns of ~5x or 10x.

Though it is not impossible to scan and pick such stocks, it is quite difficult to identify these types of stocks.  This isn’t something everyone is capable of doing. 

Legendary investor, Warren Buffett, has aptly said “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Do you what this quote means?

It means making more money from the money which has already been earned. Most people choose to invest in the stock market to make wealth over the long term.

However, it has never been easy to make money in the equity market. Stock markets are extremely volatile and the investments are exposed to risks. While many people have lost crores of rupees in this market, there are people who have made a fortune out of it.

Well-known Popular Share Market Success Stories

So, we have collated some of the renowned investors in India who have made it big in the Indian equity market. Let’s get started, shall we? Below are the 5 popular share market success stories:

1. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio Analysis Cover

Known as Warren Buffett of the Indian stock market, Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala made his entry into the Indian market in the year 1985. He inherited the interest in stock trading from his father. His father used to discuss stocks with his friends.

During these discussions, Mr. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala used to pay close attention. After joining Chartered Accountancy to acquire a professional degree, and post the completion of it in 1985, he joined the stock market and started trading. 

Initially, he bought 5000 shares of Tata Tea which he acquired for INR43 only. Later, he was able to sell these shares for INR143 in just 3 months. Thus, he was able to make INR5 lakhs off this trade. Next, he invested in Sesa Goa by purchasing 4 lakh shares.

He was able to accumulate huge profits in this trade too. Then he made several other bets that proved to be successful including Titan, Lupin, Crisil, etc. His rise to becoming the Bull of Dalal Street makes it one of the most popular share market success stories of all time.

2. Porinju Veliyath


Born in the year 1962, Mr. Porinju Veliyath is a renowned investor and a big name in the Indian stock market. His early life was spent in Kochi and was full of struggles. After joining various jobs, he decided to go to Mumbai in 1990.

In Mumbai, he got a job as a floor trader at Kotak Securities. Since he was a quick learner, he learned every bit of the stock market within a short duration of time.

After gaining significant knowledge and working for 4 years, he decided to join Parag Parikh Securities. He joined there as a Research Analyst and fund manager. In 1999, he decided to return to Kochi to make his own money from the stock market. 

His first major investment was in ‘Geojit Financial Services. Upon liquidation, this investment gave him multifold returns. In 2002, he started his Portfolio Management Service firm named ‘Equity Intelligence’.

Today, he is one of the most reputed investors in India. He is also quite active on Twitter and is known for his bets on small-cap and mid-cap stocks which are overlooked by many speculative investors.

His humble beginnings make his rise one of the more popular share market success stories of today.

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3. Vijay Kedia


Mr. Vijay Kedia is an Indian financial expert and has an exceptional track record of making successful investments. He makes uncomplicated yet effective investments.

He comes from a family of stockbrokers. Early in his life, he joined the family business of trading and stock-broking. He used to read a lot about the stories of successful investors.

He started to learn about the financials and fundamentals of the companies. With the help of his own study, he owned INR35,000 at that time, which he invested in a stock named Punjab Tractor.

In 3 years, this stock multiplied 6 times. Later, he invested in ACC at INR300 per share. Both of these investments proved successful for him. He continued to make significant investments in a range of stocks by understanding and studying their financials. 

As per the shareholdings filed for the second quarter of 2022, Vijay Kedia owned 10.7% of Innovators Facade Systems Ltd. and 9.3% of Lykis Ltd. Besides his portfolio, his followers also keep in touch with the ace investor through his YouTube Channel, which he uses to entertain people.

4. Nemish Shah

Nemish Shah | Popular Share Market Success Stories

Mr. Nemish Shah is the backbone of ENAM, which is one of the reputed investment houses. He is one of India’s finest small-time investors.

Being a simple man who prefers to stay away from the media and publicity, his investment philosophy and ideas are widely followed by retail investors.

He earned multi-fold returns from his investment in Asahi India. He concentrates on limited stocks and focuses on industry-specific stocks. In several ways, his investment approach to venture capital is similar to that of Warren Buffett.

He believes in investing in those companies which make money through increasing usage. A lesser-known fact about Nemish Shah is that he is one of the key personalities who took Infosys public back when it was a barely known tech company in India.

5. Ramesh Damani

Ramesh Damani | Popular Share Market Success Stories

Investor expert Ramesh Damani is categorized as one of India’s finest stock market financial professionals. He started his career when Sensex was trading at just 600 in the 1990s.

Mr. Damani graduated from HR College in Mumbai and then he decided to pursue a master’s degree in business administration from California State University, Northridge (BBA). 

Mr. Ramesh Dhamani is known for his investments in listed and unlisted companies. He has a knack for picking high-quality stocks and retaining them.

He is a firm believer in making investments for the long term. He follows Warren Buffett’s model for investing and favours companies having strong management credentials and processes.

In Closing

To sum up, the above names are renowned ones in the Indian stock market. These are some well-known investors and strategists who have made it big in Indian equities.

They have diversified investment approaches and have won appreciation. Retail investors track their portfolios and they tend to get a lot of information about choosing the right stock. 

These 5 popular share market success stories have inspired a lot of people in India and retail investors to try to follow their investment strategies.

There is no academic degree that can guarantee success in the equity market. Only experience and continuous learning can help you to make big in this market.

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