The Best Stock Trading Courses in India: Are you interested in learning how to get started in the stock market? Learning how to trade or invest in the stock market to earn returns can be much simpler and less time-consuming than you think. Yes, you heard it right, you can learn how to make money from the market in a short period. In this blog on the best stock trading courses in India, we have handpicked certain best stock trading courses to help you learn trading more simply.

What Is Trading In The Stock Market?

Trading is the buying and selling of securities in the stock market for a shorter period and making profits out of price fluctuations. The shorter timeframe here ranges between a few minutes to a few days or a few weeks or more.

To become a professional, one must possess a comprehensive understanding of the following topic

● Technical analysis

● Candlesticks

● Chart patterns

● Technical Indicators

● Price action trading

Let us learn about them in brief

● Technical Analysis: Technical analysis is a tool used to study and predict the probable future price movements in the financial asset by analyzing the historic prices, past trends, and market data. The components mainly used in technical analysis are the Price and volume of the stocks.

Candlesticks: The Candlestick patterns are major components of technical analysis that help in finding a stock’s complete price movements including the open, high, low, and closing price of the stock.

● Chart Patterns: Chart patterns are the basis of technical analysis that concise all the price movements of stock in their patterns and if we are able to understand the patterns then it gives us an early signal and competitive advantage over the others.

Technical Indicators: Technical indicators are tools that conduct technical analysis for stock price movements and indicate the trend in the price movement of financial assets.

● Price Action Trading: Price action trading is a method of analyzing and predicting future price movements by studying the historical price patterns of a security or asset, without relying on indicators or other external factors.

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Now, in trading, we have many different types based on the timeframe of trading. Some of the important ones are discussed below:

1. Swing Trading: It is a beginner-friendly kind of trading where stoperiod for a short span of time and profitable trades are found by studying the price trend in the market.

2. Day Trading: This involves the purchase and sale of stock on the same day and is also known as intraday trading.

3. Positional Trading: Here the stocks that give profitable trade signals are held for a medium-term to book the profits. It is helpful for beginners to avoid the risk of losses.

4. Scalping: It is a kind ope od in a very short period of time where the trader may hold the stocks for a few minutes and make money by finding the right entry and exit levels. But it requires more expertise in trading.

5. Momentum Trading: Here the trader adjusts to the momentum of price movement to make profits from the market. For ex: If the market is bullish, he/she may sell stocks at higher prices, and in a bearish trend, one can make money by short selling.

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Without any further ado, let us have a look at the top five trading courses in India:

1. FinGrad:

Fingrad is one of the most happening finance educational websites that helps passionate stock market learners to master the financial and stock market contents in an easier way through their free courses on the stock market, and blogs on various topics covering trading jargon.

Fingrad is a one-stop learning solution for all financial education. It offers so many free and paid courses & Webinars on stock market investing, trading, taxation & personal finance from +35 Instructors, and in multiple languages on its learning platform. Most importantly, the courses are user-friendly because of their easily understandable teaching.

Pricing: You can get unlimited access to all FinGrad Premium courses at a pocket-friendly budget of 2999/- for 3 months

1. Technical Analysis Masterclass:

It is a beginner-friendly course where you can learn technical analysis from scratch, here all the aspects of technical analysis like candlestick patterns, chart patterns, and technical indicators are covered in detail.

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

2. Intraday Trading for Beginners Course: Learn Day Trading in Stocks

BEST STOCK TRADING COURSES IN INDIA: Intraday Trading for Beginners Course by FinGrad

It is another course on day trading for beginners which teaches the basics of day trading. The covers topics like support and resistance along with a guide to the selection of stocks for day trading.

Rating: 5 out of 5

2. Udemy:

Udemy, being one of the leading online sources to learn, offers courses for different types of skills including accounting skills, data analytics, Financial management, and many more, and has about 52 million users.

The Complete Swing Trading Course (Updated 2023):

The Complete Swing Trading Course (Updated 2023) by Udamy

The Complete Swing Trading Course offered by Udemy is a beginner-level course that will help in learning trading with a holistic approach. It has covered Swing trading which is a beginner-friendly method.

Ratings: 4 out of 5

Price: INR 649/-

3. NSE Academy:

BEST STOCK TRADING COURSES IN INDIA: Trading Strategies for Indian Markets by NSE Academy

NSE Academy is an educational initiative by National Stock Exchange (NSE) to guide and educate investors in their investment journey. The initiative was started with the goal to introduce more first-time investors to the Indian markets and attract them to transform India’s strong culture of saving into an “equity culture”.

Trading Strategies for Indian Markets is a comprehensive course with 10 real-time strategies that cover different technical indicators, Swing trading, and Momentum trading. It is helpful for both beginners as well as intermediate-level learners.

Course Price: INR 6,999/-

4. Learn App:

Swing Trading based on Momentum (Hindi) By LearnApp

LearnApp is an education portal that offers interactive courses on markets and investing through live videos. It has registered 1,70,000 users and charges Rs 4999+GST for 3 months to access all 250+ courses/live classes on the platform.

The course Swing Trading based on Momentum mainly focuses on teaching momentum trading along with technical indicators. It is one of the best courses on trading available on their platform.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Link to course:

5. Institute of Financial Markets Courses (IFMC):

Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC)

Institute of Financial Market Courses (IFMC) Institute registered under the brand name IFMC Educational Institutions Private Limited. It is an educational institute to help people to learn finance in a simple way. It offers 26+ courses on various stock market topics on its platform.

Stock market course for traders is a detailed course on trading that teaches trading strategies and technical analysis.

Price: INR 11280/- for unlimited access of 9 months with doubt-clearing sessions Link to course 

Closing thoughts

In this blog on the best stock trading courses in India, we have discussed what is trading and what are the things we must learn to master the art of trading. We have also suggested certain best courses to help you learn trading in an easy way. A comprehensive knowledge of all these topics along with sufficient practice and patience professionally the art of trading in a professional way. That’s it for this blog, keep learning!


1. Which course is best for stock trading?

The best course for stock trading depends on your specific goals and level of expertise. Courses like Algorithmic Trading & Computational Finance, Portfolio Management Strategies, and Executive MBA in Financial Markets can provide comprehensive knowledge and skills for successful stock trading. Choose a course that aligns with your interests and objectives.

2. How long can it take to learn stock market?

Learning the stock market typically requires several months of dedicated learning and practice. Traders should invest several hours each day in reading, practising, and analyzing the market to become proficient in stock trading.

3. What is the fees of best online stock trading courses in India?

The fees for online stock trading courses in India vary between INR 500 to 25,000. It depends on the level of the course and the quality of the program. It is essential to do proper research before selecting a course that fits your budget and requirements.

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